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La storia vera della signora dalle camelie (Mauro Bolognini, Italy, 1981)
La svergognata (Giuliano Biagetti, Italy, 1974)
La valise (Georges Lautner, France, 1973)
La vallée (Barbet Schroeder, France, 1972)
La vendedora de ropa interior (Germán Lorente, Spain, 1982)
La vie comme ça (Jean-Claude Brisseau, France, 1978)
La vie est un roman (Alain Resnais, France, 1983)
La viuda de Montiel (Miguel Littin, Mexico, 1979)
La zorrita en bikini (Ignacio F. Iquino, Spain, 1976)
Labedzi spiew (Robert Glinski, Poland, 1989)
Lancelot du Lac (Robert Bresson, France, 1974)
Las adolescentes (Pedro Masó, Spain, 1977)
Las amantes del diablo (José María Elorrieta, Spain, 1971)
Las bodas de Blanca (Francisco Regueiro, Spain, 1975)
Las calientes orgías de una virgen (Antoni Verdaguer, Spain, 1983)
Las cariñosas (Rafael Portillo, Mexico, 1979)

The Lovers is an unappealing Mexican comedy set backstage at a nightclub. The plot is unlikely to make much sense, but gives the usual faces a chance or two to undress.

There's not much undressing on stage, though Lyn May makes a good impression. More pubic hair is on display backstage in the dressing rooms, but the girls are not very attractive, and together with the drab surroundings their nakedness inspires thoughts of poor hygiene before anything else. link

Las cuatro novias de Augusto Pérez (José Jara, Spain, 1977)

The Four Brides of Augusto Pérez is a slow Spanish black comedy about the four women in the life of a well-to-do middle-aged bachelor.

He wants to marry elegant, beautiful, but handily for him impoverished Charo López. Also figuring in his desires is conscientious and surprisingly passionate housemaid Norma Kerr. The attentions of this girl boost his shaky sense of self-worth a little, only for it to be undermined by Joe from Tragic Ceremony perpetually smirking at him from the middle distance.

This is a fairly minor film in the dark and lonely Spanish style where attempts at intimacy are overshadowed by taking place in one's dead parents' bed.

Cineymax Spain link

Las eróticas vacaciones de Stela (Zacarías Urbiola, Spain, 1978)
Las grandes aguas (Servando González, Mexico, 1980)
Las mujeres de Jeremías (Ramón Fernández, Mexico, 1981)
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