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Screen Two: S06E10 The Lorelei (Terry Johnson, UK, 1990)

Featuring Amanda Redman, Michael Maloney, Ellie Haddington, John Nettleton, Iola Gregory, Isabelle Lucas, Michael Eaves, Terence Booth, Barbara Keogh, Simon Davison, Bruce Savage and Michelle McQuade

A one-off drama from the BBC's weightier Screen Two strand. It has a supernatural theme, but aims for atmosphere and psychological exploration rather than shocks. A sinister incident on a no-longer entirely young woman's walking holiday in Wales has repercussions when she returns to her work as a school teacher.

The central motif is taken from Carmilla, and is by no means a bad one. Attempts at adding depth of meaning by working in little rhymes and recurrences don't really come off.

The real problem is that the supporting characters are deliberately dreary and unappealing. When these people are forever responding to minor shocks and strange co-incidences by pulling faces of incredulity and disgust it's still harder to have much love for even the best of the bunch.

Starring actress Amanda Redman has a nude scene early on when the audience doesn't know her and so doesn't care. Later on there are nothing but missed opportunities, and witnessing too much of Amanda just slobbing around means that in the end the audience still doesn't care.

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