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Blanca Nieves y sus 7 amantes (Ismael Rodríguez, Mexico, 1980)

Featuring Sasha Montenegro, Eric del Castillo, Rafael Inclán, Víctor Manuel Castro, Hector Herrera, Noé Murayama, Raúl Padilla, Carlos Riquelme, Eduardo de la Peña, Luis Manuel Pelayo and Héctor Suárez

Mexican castaway comedy in which a shipwrecked Sasha Montenegro is washed ashore on a desert island inhabited by a gang of seven hardened crooks. There seems something a little wrong with this set-up, almost as if it were back-to-front. But never mind, Sasha is a secret agent (according to the synopsis) and well able to look after herself.

There's surprisingly little nudity in the film. There's an early-ish scene in which Sasha strips to bathe while being ogled en masse, but it's mishandled and she looks pallid and dumpy. Later there are some better scenes, but they're actually less revealing; this is the way to try the patience of an audience.

It can get quite bleak for a comedy, especially since part of the laugh factor is the blokes being killed off one-by-one. There's some impressively stark photography; compare with Tina Romero in Mujeres salvajes.

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