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Las cuatro novias de Augusto Pérez (José Jara, Spain, 1977)

Featuring Norma Kerr, Charo López, Fernando Fernán Gómez, Máximo Valverde, Carmen Martínez Sierra, Manuel Pereiro, Manuel Ayuso, Juana Jiménez, Carmen Luján, Alfonso Castizo, Cándida Galán and María Luisa Ponte

The Four Brides of Augusto Pérez is a slow Spanish black comedy about the four women in the life of a well-to-do middle-aged bachelor.

He wants to marry elegant, beautiful, but handily for him impoverished Charo López. Also figuring in his desires is conscientious and surprisingly passionate housemaid Norma Kerr. The attentions of this girl boost his shaky sense of self-worth a little, only for it to be undermined by Joe from Tragic Ceremony perpetually smirking at him from the middle distance.

This is a fairly minor film in the dark and lonely Spanish style where attempts at intimacy are overshadowed by taking place in one's dead parents' bed.

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