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Héctor, el estigma del miedo (Carlos Pérez Ferré, 1984)

Featuring Andrea Albani, Ovidi Montllor, Juli Mira, Aldo Sambrell, Roberto Sansilvestre, Rosario Guillén, Paqui Gandía, Esteban Dura, Amparo Albors, Enrique Soler, Jorge R. Jordà and Pepe Sempere

Hector, the Stigma of Fear is a Spanish psychological horror. Hector, a simple and solitary man of early middle years, has a small farm in the mountains of southern Spain. When he refuses to sell his land his neighbours prey on his superstitions and paranoia to attempt to drive him to madness.

It's a low budget and low-key affair, more in the manner of period genre pieces of the era. It's told with little dialogue, most of the action being the peasants going about their bucket-clanking daily rounds. Andrea Albani features as a young temptress of typical forgiving standards.

The overall impression has something in common with El invernadero, sharing the same unsympathetic hangdog star. The steadily rising tensions never amount to anything startling or original.

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