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Die Hamburger Krankheit (Peter Fleischmann, France, 1979)

Featuring Carline Seiser, Helmut Griem, Fernando Arrabal, Tilo Prückner, Ulrich Wildgruber, Rainer Langhans, Leopold Hainisch, Romy Haag, Evelyn Künneke, Peter von Zahn, Rosel Zech and Juliana Amici

The Hamburg Syndrome is on the face of it about the outbreak of a mysterious virus that causes its victims to suddenly curl up into a ball and die.

Escaping from the government containment area are a blue-eyed young scientist, an opportunistic sausage seller, and a particularly obnoxious dwarfish cripple. Tagging along is Carline, often barefoot, and looking like she barely got out of bed in time.

It's more of a satire on the German way of life than a condemnation of tyranny imposed in the name of a virus that probably doesn't even exist. A government search squad is dressed like a Bavarian hunting party, and Carline even flees to Switzerland and lives in a log cabin like Heidi for goodness sake.

Overall the adventure is a whole lot of fun, with constant surprises and subversion of expectations. Lots of nudity too, even if most of it is technically unwelcome. The mobile camerawork keeps the viewer involved, and a score by Jean-Michel Jarre adds to the dehumanising futuristic atmosphere. link

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