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Las alumnas de madame Olga (José Ramón Larraz, 1981)

Featuring Andrea Albani, Sonia Blanca, Eva Lyberten, Maria Harper, Berta Cabré, Jazmine Venturini, Diana Conca, Lynn Endersson, Helga Liné, George Gonce, Antonio Sarrá and Manuel Muntaner

Madame Olga's Pupils is a Spanish film which - frequent library shots insist you know - takes place in London. Mme O. hosts piano lessons for genteel young ladies in a quiet suburban house. As cover for a brothel catering for the more old-fashioned type of well-heeled city gent.

It's certainly a nice if insubstantial plot for a soft porn flick. And not a bad business idea either - certainly worth sinking some of your redundancy money into if you get word of such a project in your area. The opening, with Mme O. and young lady side-by-side at the piano keyboard, followed by a grey-haired geezer being introduced to a demure naked girl upstairs, strikes the right note (pun intended - the music is rather nice).

It's all downhill from there. That girl was Diane Conca I think, but it's hard to tell and we never see her again. The same goes for the rest of the roster of starlets: their scenes ares so dark and lifeless you have to squint to see who they are. Rather than glory in their nudity we only see the girls in strategically posed, moodily lit, and strictly by-the-book sex positions. Watching shaky-fingered crumblies helping bespectacled nymphettes out of their school uniforms with the lights on would, needless to say, have been better.

Worse, director Larraz somehow manages to script the film to be mostly about the older generation. Mature and elegant Helga Liné in the title role occasionally puts down her sherry glass to masturbate, and eventually even submits to seduction by a slimy Frenchman hovering throughout proceedings. Lynn Endersson has a mildly embarrassing sex scene as one of the girls' desperate mother. That's all it is basically: "Bad things happen to girls at posh brothel say worried mums" sums up the plot.

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