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La sangre enemiga (Rogelio A. González, 1971)

Featuring Mercedes Carreño, David Reynoso, Juan Miranda, Magda Guzmán, Carlos Ancira, Emilio Fernández, Eric del Castillo, David Povall, Letícia Robles, Aurora Alonso, Bertha Llergo and Adolfo Magalot

Enemy Blood is a furiously overheated melodrama about the hunchbacks, simpletons and dwarfs who make up a troupe of shack-dwelling wandering players in contemporary Mexico City.

The title, theme and setting make one think of Alejandro Jodorowsky, but the production has the leaden camerawork, mannered acting, and banal scripting typical of the Mexican mainstream of its day.

Still, it doesn't take much imagination to put the right things in a potboiler like this. How about a young actress gleefully coming in from the rain to peel off her frock and put on a little pink number instead? The young actress is Mercedes Carreño, dusky, passionate, but waifishly slim compared to her Junoesque Mexican rivals. She's practically an urchin.

In such street-child mode she peeps over a garden fence to watch a hunk in his underpants playing with a bear cub on a chain. Mixed messages ensue as the man takes off his pants to bathe and the girl bites him on the chest. Tensions are resolved when the man's hind brain gets the message she wants pegging to the lawn. Simple-minded but fun stuff, acted out with the primitive and unsubtle gestures of the theatre.

The plot is about knife-fights and the chronic paranoia surrounding these things even if you win. Our delectable young street player has lumbered herself with a grumpy old hunchback for a husband somehow. Perhaps it was explained in the flashbacks. There's even a lurid dream sequence for anyone about to claim the thing is not surreal enough.

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