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Caray con el divorcio (Juan Bosch, Spain, 1982)

Featuring Vanessa Hidalgo, María Salerno, Fernando Esteso, Rafael Alonso, Ricardo Merino, Nadine Rochex, Manuel Alexandre, María Luisa Ponte, Agustín González, Mabel Escaño, Alexia Loreto and Sergio Mendizábal

Hooray for Divorce! is a comedy from Spain in which our well-to-do middle-aged married suburbanite hero (think Terry and June) is desperately waiting for parliament to pass the new divorce legislation so he can chuck in his wife and marry either one of his mistresses. Now what if he decided to stick with his wife after all and marry his mistresses off to some other deserving fellows, that would be a happy ending wouldn't it?

Mostly the comedy is verbal, with a sprinkling of bedroom farce. Typically the style is less manic and less stylish than its Italian counterparts. Visuals are well-lit, the actresses beautifully made-up, but the result is bland. The three actresses are not especially lust-inducing in themselves, nor do they perform their comic activities in a particularly lascivious fashion. Full nudity is included, but the scenes are poorly paced.

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