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Valérie Lagrange

A review and pictures of actress Valérie Lagrange naked in "La vallée".
Valérie Lagrange

Born: 1942   Country: France

French brunette, most active in the 'sixties and early 'seventies.

Oi!Mr. Skin has a page for Valérie - click here for more of her pics & clips!


Cas de divorce S01E: Pujol contre Pujol (France)

Cas de divorce S01E: Ferrault contre Duliège (France) (as Constance Ferrault)

The Green Mare's Nest (Claude Autant-Lara, France, 1959) (as Juliette Haudouin aged 17)

La française et l'amour (Italy, 1960) (aged 18)

Le gigolo (Jacques Deray, France, 1960) (as Gillou aged 18)

Morgan il pirata (Italy, 1960) (as Dona Inez aged 18)

Auguste (Pierre Chevalier, France, 1961) (as Françoise aged 19)

Le puits aux trois vérités (François Villiers, Italy, 1961) (aged 19)

I fratelli Corsi (Anton Giulio Majano, France, 1961) (as Edith aged 19)

La salamandre d'or (Maurice Régamey, Italy, 1962) (as Anne de Guize aged 20)

Sweet and Sour (Jacques Baratier, Italy, 1963) (as Striptease Girl aged 21)

Les bricoleurs (Jean Girault, France, 1963) (as Monica aged 21)

L'inspecteur Leclerc enquête S02E05: La chasse (Émile Roussel, 1963) (aged 21)

Un monsieur de compagnie (Philippe de Broca, Italy, 1964) (as Louisette aged 22)

Hardi Pardaillan! (Bernard Borderie, France, 1964) (as Bianca Farnese aged 22)

La ronde (Roger Vadim, France, 1964) (aged 22)

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Gala de l'union S00E00: 34ème de l'union des artistes (Roger Benamou, 1964) (as Herself aged 22)

Les tribulations d'un Chinois en Chine (Philippe de Broca, France, 1965) (as Alice Ponchabert aged 23)

Anatole (Jean Valère, France, 1966) (as Bianca aged 24)

Tilt S00E00: Episode dated 5 October 1966 (1966) (as Herself aged 24)

A Man and a Woman (Claude Lelouch, France, 1966) (as Valerie Duroc aged 24)

Visa de censure n° X (Pierre Clémenti, France, 1967) (aged 25)

Week End (Jean-Luc Godard, France, 1967) (aged 25)

Mon amour, mon amour (Nadine Trintignant, France, 1967) (as Agathe aged 25)

Un homme à abattre (Philippe Condroyer, Spain, 1967) (as Sandra aged 25)

La révolution n'est qu'un début. Continuons. (Pierre Clémenti, France, 1968) (aged 26)

Les idoles (Marc'o, France, 1968) (as Rosine aged 26)

Le lit de la vierge (Philippe Garrel, France, 1969) (aged 27)

Satyricon (Gian Luigi Polidoro, Italy, 1969) (as Trifena aged 27)

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Money-Money (José Varela, France, 1969) (aged 27)

Positano (Pierre Clémenti, France, 1969) (as Herself aged 27)

Coralba S01E02: Episode #1.2 (Daniele D'Anza, 1970) (as Elga Danon aged 28)

Coralba S01E01: Episode #1.1 (Daniele D'Anza, 1970) (as Elga Danon aged 28)

Coralba S01E04: Episode #1.4 (Daniele D'Anza, 1970) (as Elga Danon aged 28)

Coralba S01E05: Episode #1.5 (Daniele D'Anza, 1970) (as Elga Danon aged 28)

Coralba S01E03: Episode #1.3 (Daniele D'Anza, 1970) (as Elga Danon aged 28)

Helena y Fernanda (Julio Diamante, Spain, 1970) (as Fernanda aged 28)

The Loves of Daphne (Oscar Brazzi, Italy, 1970) (as Dilecta Rogano aged 28)

# La vallée (Barbet Schroeder, France, 1972) (featuring Valérie Lagrange as Hermine aged 30) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Bulle Ogier, Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Michael Gothard, Monique Giraudy, Jérôme Beauvarlet and The Mapuga Tribe and its Chiefs

Valérie Lagrange in La vallée

Valérie is carefully painted by the native Papua New Guinea women before taking part in their topless tribal ceremony. Notice that her blonde chum Bulle Ogier chickened out of this. "I'll just go and bounce up and down a bit with these lasses over here", she might have said, "don't worry about me, I'm having a great time." The spoilsport.

Tags: bodypaint, jungle, ritual


La vallée La vallée La vallée

Le chat et la souris (Claude Lelouch, France, 1975) (as Manuelle aged 33)

Le bon et les méchants (Claude Lelouch, France, 1976) (aged 34)

Les enquêtes du commissaire Maigret S01E32: Les scrupules de Maigret (Jean-Louis Muller, 1976) (as Gisèle Marton aged 34)

Second Chance (Claude Lelouch, France, 1976) (aged 34)

Les rendez-vous du dimanche S00E00: Episode dated 18 May 1980 (Rémy Grumbach, 1980) (as Herself aged 38)

Le rose et le blanc (Robert Pansard-Besson, France, 1982) (as Madame James aged 40)

Mes nuits sont plus belles que vos jours (Andrzej Zulawski, France, 1989) (as Blanche s mère aged 47)

!Mr. Skin may have clips:

Champs-Elysées S00E00: Episode dated 8 April 1989 (1989) (as Herself aged 47)

Deadly Nightmares S06E14: Homecoming (Bruno Gantillon, 1991) (as Claire aged 49)

Qu'est-ce que tu vas faire? (Pierre Linhart, France, 1996) (aged 54)

Tout le monde en parle S00E00: Episode dated 19 February 2005 (2005) (as Herself aged 63)

Ce soir (ou jamais!) S00E00: Episode dated 9 April 2008 (2008) (as Herself aged 66)

Joueuse (Caroline Bottaro, France, 2009) (as Maria aged 67)

Années 70: La France se déshabille (France, 2009) (as Herself aged 67)

Elle s'en va (Emmanuelle Bercot, France, 2013) (as Miss France 1969 aged 71)

Oi!Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Valérie - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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