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Svetlana Ryabova

A review and pictures of actress Svetlana Ryabova naked in "Moy muzh - inoplanetyanin".
Svetlana Ryabova

Born: 1961   Country: Soviet Union

A stage actress specialising in comedy, this fragile Russian beauty shone the best on the cinema screen where the camera loved her.


Ottsy i deti (Vyacheslav Nikiforov, Soviet Union)

Rasstavaniya (Gavriil Egiazarov, Soviet Union, 1983) (aged 22)

Osoboye podrazdeleniye (Vladimir Ivanov, Soviet Union, 1984) (aged 23)

Moy izbrannik (Aleksey Korenev, Soviet Union, 1984) (aged 23)

Dikiy khmel (Oleg Bondarev, Soviet Union, 1985) (aged 24)

Ne khodite, devki, zamuzh (Evgeniy Gerasimov, Soviet Union, 1985) (aged 24)

Pervyy paren (Arkadi Sirenko, Soviet Union, 1986) (as Lyudmila aged 25)

Pokusheniye na Goelro (Nikolai Gusarov, Soviet Union, 1986) (as Antonina Mokina aged 25)

Khristiane (Dmitriy Zolotukhin, Soviet Union, 1987) (aged 26)

Silnee vsekh inykh veleniy (Boris Buneev, Soviet Union, 1987) (aged 26)

Gadanie na baraney lopatke (Ada Neretniece, Soviet Union, 1988) (aged 27)

Bryzgi shampanskogo (Stanislav Govorukhin, Soviet Union, 1988) (aged 27)

# Moy muzh - inoplanetyanin (Valentin Khovenko, Soviet Union, 1990) (featuring Svetlana Ryabova aged 29) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Svetlana Kryuchkova, Sergey Migitsko, Mikhail Kokshenov, Vladimir Ilin, Olesya Ivanova, Nikolay Parfyonov, D. Akhorzin, L. Altemyeva, A. Andreyev, Natalya Belous, Mikhail Bogdasarov and I. Bushmilyov

Svetlana Ryabova in Moy muzh - inoplanetyanin

Russian rom-com in which Svetlana is married to such a poor specimen that some of the situations he gets himself into are actually amusing. That's the theory anyway. Svetlana in contrast is extremely angelic and also very nice. Obviously she's a nurse, but no ordinary nurse: she specialises in physiotherapy for fat middle-aged men. Gosh.

We first join the couple as our man is intrigued by the way the bathroom lighting mechanism is triggered by the opening of the door. Wandering inside (he's always wanted to climb inside a fridge but it's been drilled into him since he was a child that this is a bad thing) he cops an eyeful of Svetlana under the shower. And a very refreshing and tasteful sight it is too. She could land a television commercial on the strength of this.

Later our man is trying to make love to his wife in the languid fashion suited to the sunny afternoon but keeps getting interrupted by the neighbours trying to borrow cups of sugar. Serves him right for not waiting until half past ten. Not just willing to show her breasts, Svetlana allows the top of her bum cleavage to peep out from under the sheets. Speaking of which, she also shows one of the downsides to marrying a nurse: they can be so embarrassingly clinical about one's anatomy if they're not constantly distracted. Towards the end of the scene she escapes being kicked out of bed despite becoming unbearably twee: she reminds me of Marzena Trybala and her dratted glove puppet.

Tags: petting, shower


Moy muzh - inoplanetyanin Moy muzh - inoplanetyanin Moy muzh - inoplanetyanin Moy muzh - inoplanetyanin Moy muzh - inoplanetyanin

Zaryazhennye smertyu (Vladimir Plotnikov, Soviet Union, 1991) (aged 30)

Proshchalnye gastroli (Vitaliy Dudin, Belarus, 1992) (as Viktoriya Dmitriyevna aged 31)

Rebro Adama (Vyacheslav Krishtofovich, Soviet Union, 1992) (as Lidiya aged 31)

VII Ezhegodnaya Kinopremiya Rossiyskoy Akademii kinematograficheskikh iskusstv (Russia, 1993) (as Self - presenter aged 32)

Ty u menya odna (Dmitriy Astrakhan, Russia, 1993) (as Anya aged 32)

Tvoya volya, Gospodi! (Vladimir Plotnikov, Russia, 1993) (aged 32)

Zhelanie lyubvi (Viktor Georgiyev, Russia, 1993) (as Zinaida Pavlovna Kolosova aged 32)

Ne khochu zhenitsya! (Sergey Nikonenko, Russia, 1993) (as Anna aged 32)

Nam vsyo eshchyo smeshno (Aleksandr Shirvindt, Russia, 1994) (as Actress aged 33)

Letnie lyudi (Sergey Ursulyak, Russia, 1995) (as Kaleriya Vasilyeva aged 34)

Dose detektiva Dubrovskogo (Aleksandr Muratov, Russia, 1999) (as Neverov s Wife aged 38)

Nam - 75! (Aleksandr Shirvindt, Russia, 2000) (as Marya Antonovna aged 39)

Zakon (Aleksandr Veledinskiy, Russia, 2002) (as Rita Sklyar aged 41)

Vnimanie, govorit Moskva!: S01E01 (Aleksandr Surin, 2005) (as Valentina Volnikova aged 44)

Vnimanie, govorit Moskva!: S01E02 (Aleksandr Surin, 2005) (as Valentina Volnikova aged 44)

Vnimanie, govorit Moskva!: S01E04 (Aleksandr Surin, 2005) (as Valentina Volnikova aged 44)

Vnimanie, govorit Moskva!: S01E03 (Aleksandr Surin, 2005) (as Valentina Volnikova aged 44)

My budem schastlivy, moya prelest (Nadezhda Ptushkina, Russia, 2008) (as Katya aged 47)

Dvoe na ostrove slyoz (Viktor Dashuk, Soviet Union, 2009) (as Olga aged 48)

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