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Beata Szyszko

A review and pictures of actress Beata Szyszko naked in "Droga".
Beata Szyszko

Country: Poland

Fresh-faced creamy-skinned Polish starlet blessed with shampoo-commercial blonde locks.


# Droga (Ryszard Ber, Poland, 1981) (featuring Beata Szyszko) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Jerzy Block, Malgorzata Drozd, Stanislaw Gronkowski, Janusz Paluszkiewicz, Jerzy Radziwilowicz, Jerzy Rogulski, Jerzy Turek, Anna Wróblówna and Tomasz Zaliwski

Beata Szyszko from Droga

Bucolic Polish tele-drama all about the perils of making a right-turn in your haycart onto a busy main road. (Kidding - only the second half is about that). The opening features a splendid skinny-dipping scene - though 'ruckus' or 'scrummage' would better describe what's going on here. Very poorly motivated to be honest, it smacks of the cynical 'eighties obsession with audience profiles and demographics - of putting in something just 'to keep the dads watching at home'.

It's a reminiscence scene of course, the sort to begin an anecdote told by the whisky-sodden hero forty years on that ends in true Polish fashion with 'and that was the last time I ever smiled'. Beata is the youngest and bravest (also blondest and slimmest) so is volunteered to retrieve the girls' clothes when the young rascal of a hero turns up gloating on the riverbank. The proper thing to do here ladies is each grab a stone from the riverbed and all throw them at once on the count of three, but our lass allows herself to be teased like a guileless puppy dog, creeping through the sandy scrub desperately trying to keep her nipples below the level of the daisy-tops. You have to admit, it's much more stimulating to watch than all that babyish splashing around in the water.

Perhaps hauling her lower quarters along the ground has the same effect as climbing a rope on certain young girls, or perhaps she was just very very angry, but once through the woods and into the open fields Beata does the unthinkable: she stands up straight. And faces that craven peeper down. Hurrah.

Tags: bashful, group, humiliation, outdoor, skinny-dip


Beata Szyszko in Droga Beata Szyszko in Droga Beata Szyszko in Droga Beata Szyszko in Droga Beata Szyszko in Droga

Czwartki ubogich (Sylwester Szyszko, Poland, 1982)

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