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Sílvia Gless

A review and pictures of actress Sílvia Gless naked in "Pintando o Sexo".
Sílvia Gless

Born: 1951   Country: Brazil

A slim blonde beauty in the classic style, unjustly relegated to the obscure end of Brazilian trash cinema.


Fracasso de Um Homem nas Duas Noites de Núpcias (George Michel Serkeis, Brazil, 1975) (aged 24)

Garimpeiras do Sexo (José Vedovato, Brazil, 1977) (aged 26)

# Pintando o Sexo (Jairo Carlos, Brazil, 1977) (featuring Sílvia Gless as Neta aged 26) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Meiry Vieira, Íris Bruzzi, Older Cazarré, Durval de Souza, Célia Froes, Linda Gay, José Roberto Giusti, Paulo Hesse, Mário Ladeluca, Joshey Leão, Nelson Luiz and Glaucia Maria

Sílvia Gless in Pintando o Sexo

Endearingly feeble Brazilian comic segment in which our hero, though apparently distinguished suburban respectability personified, is a total prat even after making allowance for his acting up for the cameras. Anyway, today he and his wife are visiting their neighbour, obviously a retired schoolmistress. Oh, and the lady's granddaughter Silvia too.

She's a lovely girl this one. Quiet. Blonde hair in pigtails. Glasses. A hint of buck teeth. You know I even suspect she might be blind. Her clothes fit her with that straightened-with-a-ruler-and-forgotten-about look characteristic of blind girls. That pleasant little theory is scuppered when the girl is asked to give a recital of church music on the electric organ, but other than this defect she is pure perfection.

So our ageing lupine hero can give up all pretence of making polite conversation; nothing more is demanded of him now than that he gaze at Silvia while feigning an interest in the music. But uh-oh!, what's this?! In the blink of an eye all the angelic granddaughter's clothes have fallen off! Actually this was an entirely foreseeable emergency given such a banal and unimaginative sex comedy. Outside the world of sitting room mundanity Silvia turns out to be a bit of a vamp. I preferred her in the glasses but there you go.

Tags: clothes-magicked-off, instrument, Little-Red-Riding-Hood, seductress, striptease


Pintando o Sexo Pintando o Sexo Pintando o Sexo Pintando o Sexo Pintando o Sexo

O Preço do Prazer (Levi Salgado, Brazil, 1979) (aged 28)

O Doador Sexual (Henrique Borges, Brazil, 1980) (aged 29)

Sócias do Prazer (Waldir Kopesky, Brazil, 1980) (aged 29)

A Praga (José Mojica Marins, Brazil, 1980) (aged 29)

Devassidão, Orgia e Sexo (John Doo, Brazil, 1981) (as Rosa Walkíria aged 30)

Sexo Profundo (Waldir Kopesky, Brazil, 1981) (as Silvia aged 30)

Em Busca do Orgasmo (Waldir Kopesky, Brazil, 1981) (aged 30)

A Insaciável - Tormentos da Carne (Waldir Kopesky, Brazil, 1981) (aged 30)

Excitação Diabólica (John Doo, Brazil, 1982) (as Rogéria aged 31)

Viúvas Eróticas (Antonio Meliande, Brazil, 1982) (aged 31)

Perdida em Sodoma (Nilton Nascimento, Brazil, 1982) (as Magda aged 31)

As Bellas da Billings (Ozualdo Ribeiro Candeias, Brazil, 1987) (aged 36)

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