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Jacquéline Pöggel

Reviews and pictures of actress Jacquéline Pöggel naked in "In einer Sekunde" and "Schuldig".
Jacquéline Pöggel

Country: East Germany

This slightly plain but cheeky and curvaceous young lady had a brief but spectacular career in East German television: two roles, two classic full-frontal nude scenes.


# Schuldig (Rolf Römer, East Germany, 1978) (featuring Jacquéline Pöggel as Heidrun Fischer) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Ursula Werner, Annekathrin Bürger, Hans-Peter Reinecke, Peter Borgelt, Sigrid Göhler, Rolf Römer, Dieter Mann, Berndt Stichler, Jürgen Wolters, Günter Junghans, Werner Godemann and Roswitha Marks

Jacquéline Pöggel in Schuldig

Polizeiruf 110 was not just the premier police series in East Germany but one of the best in the entire world. In the early years the film-length stand-alone episodes tended to be noirish with intricate plots, but as it moved on the show, as in this episode, turned more to social problems for its themes and little depended on which cops were doing the investigating this week. But whatever the style the photography was always first-rate.

This episode (Schuldig or 'Guilty') is frankly mental, absolutely the most bizarre I've ever seen, and deserves to stand alone as a minor classic of German cinema. About all I can discern of the plot is that Eva Rickelmann (Annekathrin Bürger) has turned to drink after her lover started knocking her about, and she has moved in with her daughter Heidrun Fischer (Jacquéline), a young married housewife with a baby to look after. The overcrowding leads to domestic ructions.

One night a tearful Eva is confiding to her daughter. I imagine the dialogue can be summarised more or less like this:

"You sleep naked?!"

"Yes Mummy of course I do. Now stop crying and I'll fetch you your valium."

"If you'd put some clothes on I wouldn't need the valium in the first place you wicked girl!"

"All right, all right, blow on this. Now how do you like this new nightgown? Uncle bought it for me. You don't think it's see-through do you?"

"Sniffle. Sob. Boo hoo hoo. Etc."

Tags: domestic, full-frontal, housework, padding, see-thru


Schuldig Schuldig Schuldig Schuldig

# In einer Sekunde (Hans-Joachim Hildebrandt, East Germany, 1980) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Karin Schröder, Jürgen Frohriep, Dietrich Körner, Peter Reusse, Hildegard Alex, Dieter Bellmann, Jacqéline Pöggel, Michael Narloch, Hans-Jürgen Müller-Hohensee, Jörg Panknin, Jörg Krüger and Horst Manz

Jacquéline Pöggel in In einer Sekunde

A second appearance for Jacquéline in the leading East German police series. Unfortunately she doesn't hang around very long as this episode is about hit-and-run accidents, and she is an early victim.

Apart from a pre-title sequence this scene is basically the opening, a tribute to the unusual standards prevailing in East German peak-time TV. Jacquéline, wearing only a shirt (not even buttoned) is having a well-earned rest after getting up to who-knows-what with her boyfriend, an amiable pillock who evidently hero-worships Harry Corbett. He wakes Jacquéline with a puppet show, which judging by her delightedly angry reaction might have contained suggestions of lewd acts.

Tags: full-frontal, horseplay


In einer Sekunde In einer Sekunde In einer Sekunde In einer Sekunde

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