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Azucena Hernández

Reviews and pictures of actress Azucena Hernández naked in "El erótico enmascarado", "Bacanal en directo" and "Las eróticas vacaciones de Stela".
Azucena Hernández

Born: 1960   Country: Spain

Former beauty queen with the uncommon ability among young starlets to convincingly pull off the prim and delicately nurtured look.

Azucena Hernández Iglesias[1] (born 22 March 1960 in Seville, Andalusia)[2] is a Spanish actress known for her work in cinema, stage and television. Her artistic career began in the late 1970s and flourished during early years of the 1980s. Her career was cut short in 1986 from a debilitating car crash that left her paralyzed.  snippet from Wikipedia

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Gol... y al mundial 82 (Spain) (as Herself)

Ding-Dong (Spain) (as Azafata)

# Las eróticas vacaciones de Stela (Zacarías Urbiola, Spain, 1978) (featuring Azucena Hernández as Stela aged 18) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Teresa Gimpera, Ricardo Merino, Blaki, Fernando Martín, Carla Celis, Valeriano Andrés and Carlos Revilla

Azucena Hernández in Las eróticas vacaciones de Stela

In this elegantly filmed comedy Azucena returns from boarding school to spend Christmas with her mother and stepfather. That sounds a little dull but luckily for us she's reached that stage of life where she's desperate for sexual attention from anything on legs and has no shame about the means she uses to get it. Staging bicycle accidents for example: never fall for that one.

The first clip sees naughty Azucena flashing her plain white knickers at stepfather on the stairs before raising her game to a whole new level. While he's taking a bath she casually walks in the door, strips, and climbs in with him naked to unleash a play-wrestling bout of more than usual violence. Typical comedic double standards; it's the kind of thing we'd look upon very differently if the roles were reversed. Imagine what was going through the poor man's mind as this crazy girl's soaped-up breasts were flailing just inches from his throat! I mean, is there any law of physics that says you can't actually die from this?

Later, after a sensuous interlude alone on that same staircase (can't keep her off it), a nude Azucena has a tiff with her mother. Mild by teenage standards, but her wickedness is in what follows. The moment the bedroom door is closed she lies back and indulges in a long sexual fantasy. And quite an odd one it is too. Perhaps something about wanting to be a nurse?

Tags: bath, domestic, full-frontal, horseplay, nurse, sex, soapsuds

Clip 1

Las eróticas vacaciones de Stela Las eróticas vacaciones de Stela Las eróticas vacaciones de Stela Las eróticas vacaciones de Stela Las eróticas vacaciones de Stela

Clip 2

Las eróticas vacaciones de Stela Las eróticas vacaciones de Stela Las eróticas vacaciones de Stela Las eróticas vacaciones de Stela Las eróticas vacaciones de Stela

# Bacanal en directo (Miguel Madrid, Spain, 1979) (featuring Azucena Hernández as Stela aged 19) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Fernando Martín, Víctor Petit, Carla Celis, Fabián Conde, Teresa Herrera, Cándida Galán, Emilio Soriano, Sergio Raúl, Rocío Freixas, Chema Vivas, Aida Valle and Mary Salinier

Azucena Hernández in Bacanal en directo

This amazing but little-known Spanish soft porn flick has a shocking impact partly thanks to the sheer cardigan-wearing uncoolness of its style and cast. Take the opening scene for instance. Drably-attired Azucena and her boyfriend Fernando Martín (that pocket on his jersey for goodness sake) are dancing at what looks like the junior librarians' and trainee lab assistants' annual disco. Suddenly a rare elfin beauty with spectacles and quite possibly a chromosomal abnormality has exciting news: everyone's invited to a real party - at a famous film director's house no less!

So first they all have to head for the bathroom, and Azucena is no exception. No one could be blamed for wanting to switch off this trite piece of hackwork and try reading a good book by this point. But wait a second, is that the doorbell? Will the poor girl have to drag her still-soaped-up self all the way down the hallway to answer it? I hope she left it on the chain! But notice how though the concept is uninspired and the direction is wooden, the camera is picking up the pale pink flesh tones of the girl's breasts uncannily well... Continuity fans will spot two scenes that don't quite belong together here, but never mind. It's loverboy at the door, here to push his luck a little too far.

That randy boyfriend (the quiet ones will always surprise you) has left Azucena in no mood for a party. But with the alternative being wandering the streets in tears she decides she'll turn up anyway - and give Fernando a piece of her mind! The gimmick of this film is that whenever Azucena takes another step down the road to decadence, shame and ignominy we get a freeze-frame and then a couple of ominous motorcyclists riding like Four Horseman of the Apocalypse who didn't quite have the budget. Ominous is certainly the right mood: when a girl does a lesbian striptease before she even has her first drink the night is not going to end well.

The revels get ever wilder and we are treated to some wonderfully excessive orgiastics and pure carnality that we don't have the time for here. One Nazi-themed scene is straight out of a Tinto Brass film, flatly photographed in comparison, but the bodies are no less pleasing to the eye. I can't make up my mind which was my favourite bit; maybe the giant trifle with the real pig in it.

Eventually someone gets round to organising a 'raping table', and has the decency to let a couple of lesbians have first dibs on it. But suddenly - it's Azucena's turn!! Her body is held firmly down by naked debauchees who massage a fountain of champagne into her bare flesh as she writhes to escape. Fernando climbs aboard (reluctantly at first to give him credit) and leaves her virginity no more than a patch of blood on the floor. She ends up hooked to the machines in intensive care, the bed sheet o-so-tastefully draped down the slopes of her breasts.

Tags: anger, bath, dancing, first-time, flashing, food, full-frontal, group, lesbian, patient, petting, rape, sex, soapsuds, striptease, tearful

Clip 1

Bacanal en directo Bacanal en directo Bacanal en directo Bacanal en directo Bacanal en directo

Clip 2

Bacanal en directo Bacanal en directo Bacanal en directo Bacanal en directo Bacanal en directo

Clip 3

Bacanal en directo Bacanal en directo Bacanal en directo Bacanal en directo Bacanal en directo

El carnaval de las bestias (Paul Naschy, Spain, 1980) (as Alicia aged 20)

Adiós, querida mam (Francisco Lara Polop, Spain, 1980) (as Julia aged 20)

# El erótico enmascarado (Mariano Ozores, Spain, 1980) (featuring Azucena Hernández as Julia aged 20) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Gabriela Mosch, María Salerno, Irene Foster, Fernando Esteso, Antonio Ozores, África Pratt, Juanito Navarro, María Isbert, Luis Lorenzo, Adrián Ortega, Chus Lampreave and Juan José Otegui

Azucena Hernández in El erótico enmascarado

Lightweight Spanish comedy in which we find our somewhat jaded hero picking up his niece from netball practice. We the viewers at home can see the disaster looming a mile away, but the joke is that our man is so wrapped up in the worries of his petit bourgeois lifestyle he has ceased to appreciate the peril from, or even indeed the basic appeal of, the younger members of the opposite sex.

So Azucena feigns a sprained ankle and it all naturally snowballs from there. I reckon she enjoys exposing herself to female authority figures and is bouncing her fantasies of stripping in front of her gym mistress off our poor unsuspecting chump. The girl has lovely eyes though you have to admit. Our man, struggle though he may, seems to cling on to his sense of humour to the last (assuming that mention of the Ayatollah Khomeini was a joke in poor taste).

Tags: full-frontal, group, shower, undressing


El erótico enmascarado El erótico enmascarado El erótico enmascarado El erótico enmascarado El erótico enmascarado

Cosas : Episode dated 20 June 1980 (1980) (as Herself aged 20)

El consenso (Javier Aguirre, Spain, 1980) (as Pura aged 20)

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¡Qué gozada de divorcio (Mariano Ozores, Spain, 1981) (as Miércoles aged 21)

Brujas mágicas (Mariano Ozores, Spain, 1981) (as Julisa aged 21)

La momia nacional (José Ramón Larraz, Spain, 1981) (as Ana Mari Capullo aged 21)

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La vida, el amor y la muerte (Carlos Puerto, Spain, 1982) (as Inma aged 22)

Adulterio nacional (Francisco Lara Polop, Spain, 1982) (as Pura aged 22)

El Cid cabreador (Angelino Fons, Spain, 1983) (aged 23)

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Las pícaras S01E06: La hija de Celestina (Angelino Fons, Spain, 1983) (aged 23)

Hundra (Matt Cimber, Spain, 1983) (aged 23)

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Playboy en paro (Tomás Aznar, Spain, 1984) (as Cristina aged 24)

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Cuando Almanzor perdió el tambor (Luis María Delgado, Spain, 1984) (as Berenguela aged 24)

El pan debajo del brazo (Mariano Ozores, Spain, 1984) (as Socorro aged 24)

Don Cipote de la Manga (Gabriel Iglesias, Spain, 1985) (as Paloma aged 25)

La comedia musical española S01E13: El sobre verde (Fernando García de la Vega, 1985) (aged 25)

El recomendado (Mariano Ozores, Spain, 1985) (as Brígida aged 25)

La comedia musical española S01E08: La cuarta de A. Polo (1985) (as Sarita aged 25)

La estanquera de Vallecas (Eloy de la Iglesia, Spain, 1987) (aged 27)

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A las diez en casa : Episode dated 31 August 1995 (1995) (as Herself aged 35)

María José S01E01: Episode #1.1 (Antulio Jiménez Pons, 1995) (aged 35)

Cosas que dejé en La Habana (Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, Spain, 1997) (aged 37)

Hoy es posible : Episode dated 18 March 1997 (1997) (as Herself aged 37)

Flores de otro mundo (Icíar Bollaín, Spain, 1999) (aged 39)

Tiempo al tiempo : Episode dated 26 September 2001 (2001) (as Herself aged 41)

Esta es mi historia : Dinero, amor y salud (2001) (as Herself aged 41)

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