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Svetlana Smekhnova

A review and pictures of actress Svetlana Smekhnova naked in "Tayozhnaya povest".
Svetlana Smekhnova

Born: 1950   Country: Soviet Union

Impishly attractive blonde blessed with the ability to play pretty teenagers well into her twenties.


Zhdi menya, Anna (Valentin Vinogradov, Soviet Union, 1969) (aged 19)

Vesyoloye volshebstvo (Boris Rytsarev, Soviet Union, 1969) (aged 19)

Komitet 19-ti (Savva Kulish, Soviet Union, 1971) (aged 21)

Sestra muzykanta (Soviet Union, 1972) (aged 22)

Dochki-materi (Sergey Gerasimov, Soviet Union, 1975) (as Ania Vasilev aged 25)

# Tayozhnaya povest (Vladimir Fetin, Soviet Union, 1979) (featuring Svetlana Smekhnova as Elya aged 29) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Evgeniy Kindinov and Mikhail Kononov

Svetlana Smekhnova in Tayozhnaya povest

Wonderful Russian tale of a simple man who makes his annual summer retreat to his log cabin deep in the Siberian taiga. He's the timid sort who probably trekked that far as the only way to get away from his wife. But there's a surprise waiting for him: a young woman fast asleep in his bed. 'Great, unconscious already, and no need to break into the rohypnol!' he might have mused wryly to himself if the situation wasn't obviously so serious. This is no idle game of Goldilocks, the girl is as stiff as a board and will soon be dead if he doesn't act swiftly.

Whoever did the make-up for Svetlana must have had a necro fetish as she looks ghastly, her frame stiff and skeletal as a corpse. Our man undresses and bathes her in hot water, mostly I'm pleased to say without looking. He even steels himself to give her an injection, not in the bottom unfortunately, but his diagnosis is a 'chesty cough', and he's sticking to it. Obviously there is serious doubt whether the body on show really is Svetlana's, but it's such an unusual scene it's definitely worth including under her name anyway.

Tags: Goldilocks, injection, patient, soapsuds, undressed, washing


Tayozhnaya povest Tayozhnaya povest Tayozhnaya povest Tayozhnaya povest Tayozhnaya povest

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