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Sofía Fernández

A review and pictures of actress Sofía Fernández naked in "Esas chicas tan pu...".
Sofía Fernández

Country: Spain

A little-seen but attractive Spanish starlet with a boyish figure and a natural shy charm.


Neumonía erótica y pasota (Jaime Bayarri, Spain, 1981) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ (as Amiga de Cristina)

# Esas chicas tan pu... (Ignacio F. Iquino, 1982) (featuring Sofía Fernández as Mónica) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Andrea Albani, Emma Quer, Diana Conca, Jaime Bascu, Conrado Tortosa 'Pipper', Olga Rodríguez, Juan Zanni, Amparo Moreno, Mir Ferry, Josep Lluís Fonoll, Miguel Avilés and Rafael Tormo

Sofía Fernández in Esas chicas tan pu...

A routine scene for Sofía in this competent Spanish sex comedy. A poorly established character, she's usually seen fleetingly in the shadows smouldering with resentment. She can carry off the jealous bitch look alright in a dyke club where the lighting's muted, but it falls apart to reveal her as just another charming but anxious young girl once she's out in the daylight.

When Sofía turns up on spoilt playgirl Emma Quer's doorstep the atmosphere is a little strained at first. She's only there to fetch some expensive camera equipment she'd left behind or something. But as if to have fun with the old joke about how long two women can occupy the same sofa before they start to languorously stroke each other's cheeks, and how many decimal places you'd need if you wanted to specify the interval in seconds, Emma has the girl's knickers round her ankles and gets the top of her head bobbing up and down by the ears between her legs in record time.

Tags: full-frontal, lesbian, oral, sex, undressed


Esas chicas tan pu... Esas chicas tan pu... Esas chicas tan pu... Esas chicas tan pu... Esas chicas tan pu...

(Sökarna) (Peter Cartriers, Sweden, 1993)

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