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Hara Angelousi

A review and pictures of actress Hara Angelousi naked in "To prosopo tis Medousas".
Hara Angelousi

Country: Greece

Sylph-like Grecian beauty.


To minore tis avgis (Greece)

O thanatos tou Alexandrou (Dimitris Kollatos, Greece, 1966)

# To prosopo tis Medousas (Nikos Koundouros, Greece, 2000) (featuring Hara Angelousi as Filippos' Girlfriend) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Fanis Hinas, Philippo Vlachos, Alexis Mann, George Willing, Assounda Arka, Jacqueline Blaire, Dimitris Coromilas and Yorgo Voyagis

Hara Angelousi in To prosopo tis Medousas

Classic avant garde tragedy starkly photographed on an Aegean island in over-exposed black-and-white. Director Nikos Koundouros (Young Aphrodites, 1922) places slim young Hara at the heart of the vortex that fatally draws in the men around her. Hardly her fault really, her being the only girl around and all, though you wouldn't guess it from the misogyny which oozes through the script.

It's an odd film, made by Greeks but featuring English characters, all sporting the styles of late-period swinging London, complete with the pretty-boy arrogance that so often went with the young men of the era. The film-within-a-film structure visualises the director as Greek as Nana Mouskouri (check the specs!) but dubs him in Home Counties English too. A bit incongruous, but enough of worrying about things like that.

Hara has a timeless Mediterranean beauty, mysterious-eyed, slim, dark, and (ahem) naturally hairy. She also performs some very physical love-making here that looks like parts of it just might be for real. What more do you need to make a classic sex scene? How about her tearing herself out of a clingy mock-Victorian striped bathing suit in which she was playing hopscotch shortly beforehand to do it.

Tags: beaten, black-and-white, filmed, full-frontal, objectified, sex, undressing


To prosopo tis Medousas To prosopo tis Medousas To prosopo tis Medousas To prosopo tis Medousas To prosopo tis Medousas

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