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Klaudia Koronel

Reviews and pictures of actress Klaudia Koronel naked in "Hubad sa ilalim ng buwan" and "Anakan mo ako".
Klaudia Koronel

Born: 1975   Country: Philippines

Attractive and busty, but with hints of the vulnerability common to so many of the best starlets, Klaudia had a short but busy career in the 'sexy pinay' genre around the end of the 'nineties.

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Linggo lang ang pahinga... Dapat lang! (Humilde 'Meek' Roxas, Philippines, 1997) (as George aged 22)

Walang dayaan akin ang malaki (Augusto Salvador, Philippines, 1997) (as Paula aged 22)

Hawakan mo ako (Rico Mambo, Philippines, 1997) (aged 22)

Pisil (Humilde 'Meek' Roxas, Philippines, 1998) (as Zsa Zsa aged 23)

Kesong puti (Mauro Gia Samonte, Philippines, 1999) (aged 24)

# Hubad sa ilalim ng buwan (Lav Diaz, Philippines, 1999) (featuring Klaudia Koronel as Lerma Paharon aged 24) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Joel Torre, Elizabeth Oropesa, Isabel Granada, Mike Magat, Julio Diaz, Ronnie Lazaro, Richard Joson, Lui Manansala, Noel Miralles, Ahven Dumilon, Tonton Sonza and Mark Dionisio

Klaudia Koronel in Hubad sa ilalim ng buwan

Slow-moving and pretentious Philippine melodrama about a troubled family reduced to scraping an existence in a tumbledown house between the jungle and the sea.

As a way of introducing Klaudia as a convincingly troubled daughter the first thing we see her do after pulling up at the house with the family in their battered pickup truck is go walking in the jungle completely in the nude. Yes this daughter can out-trouble anyone. Her excuse is she is sleep-walking. I'm not sure if that's her father sneaking after her, or if she's gained a suitor already. Either way, he's probably just checking she stays out of trouble: snag that pair on a thorn and they look like they'd burst.

Tags: full-frontal, jungle, outdoor, sleepwalk


Hubad sa ilalim ng buwan Hubad sa ilalim ng buwan Hubad sa ilalim ng buwan Hubad sa ilalim ng buwan Hubad sa ilalim ng buwan

# Anakan mo ako (Humilde 'Meek' Roxas, Philippines, 1999) (featuring Klaudia Koronel aged 24) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Sofia Valdez, Anton Bernardo, Gino Ilustre, Nicole Nicolas, Debbie Royales, Cris Daluz, Beverly Salviejo and Flora Gasser

Klaudia Koronel in Anakan mo ako

Daft comedy from the Philippines in which Klaudia stars as a young wife of the head man of a jungle village who is unable to get herself pregnant. As far as I can gather, Head Man is the only viable male candidate amongst a gaggle of nubile women, but is unhappily 'firing blanks'. However it may be, he works Klaudia hard; one of her household duties is to get up a ladder and repair the thatch. Not that I blame him - round here the roofers are all a bunch of crooks.

Klaudia is a little shy and not the greatest of mixers; she walks with her eyes downcast and doesn't join the other women in their gossiping and swimming sessions. In the first clip she asks to be excused from work to slip off to the river for a nude swim alone. Big mistake: a gauche young man from the city is hiding amongst the trees with a massive camera with which he proceeds to take the sort of pictures which anyone could have told him absolutely never come out. He must have memorised some sort of infallible plonker's manual, or how else could he end up chasing the half-naked girl through the jungle shouting 'Miss! Miss! Miss!'?

After many complications, including the inevitable being-carried-back-to-the-village-and-narrowly-escaping-execution, young chappie turns the fertility situation to his advantage. Eventually he follows Klaudia down to the waterfall without either of them getting scared and running away. She's done that holding-her-skirt-with-her-teeth gesture before; it's a definite sexual invitation. Head Man is not pleased, but luckily (as we could have guessed) he's a rotten shot. I've let the clip run on a bit to take a quick look at some of the harassment a man in his position has to put up with, like naked young ladies hiding behind trees pretending they're shy and only want a hug.

Tags: bashful, full-frontal, jungle, outdoor, running, sex, skinny-dip, swimming, undressing, voyeur, waterfall

Clip 1

Anakan mo ako Anakan mo ako Anakan mo ako Anakan mo ako Anakan mo ako

Clip 2

Anakan mo ako Anakan mo ako Anakan mo ako Anakan mo ako Anakan mo ako

Gamugamong dagat (Philippines, 1999) (aged 24)

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Spirits: S01E107 (2005) (as Amy Ibarra aged 30)

Estasyon (Cesar Apolinario, Philippines, 2009) (aged 34)

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