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María José Cantudo

Reviews and pictures of actress María José Cantudo naked in "Las mujeres de Jeremías" and "I eromeni".
María José Cantudo

Born: 1951   Country: Spain

Old-school vedette who reluctantly became mixed up in cinematic trash as attitudes relaxed during the 'seventies.


El espanto surge de la tumba (Carlos Aured, Spain, 1973) (as Chantal aged 22)

Autopsia (Juan Logar, Spain, 1973) (as Sra Vincent aged 22)

Im Auftrag von Madame: S01E11 Perucci packt aus (Paul May, 1973) (as Angela aged 22)

El último proceso en París (José Canalejas, Spain, 1974) (as Dennis aged 23)

Siete chacales (José Luis Madrid, Spain, 1974) (aged 23)

Sergeant Berry: S01E09 ... und die mexikanische Nacht (Harald Philipp, 1974) (aged 23)

Im Auftrag von Madame: S03E02 Komm mit nach Sevilla (Peter Meincke, 1974) (as Julia Aguilar aged 23)

¡Señoras y señores!: S01E15 (1974) (as Herself - Hostess aged 23)

¡Señoras y señores!: S01E18 (1974) (as Herself - Hostess aged 23)

¡Señoras y señores!: S01E19 (1974) (as Herself - Hostess aged 23)

¡Señoras y señores!: S01E20 Nicola di Bari/Lola Flores/Patty Pravo/Rita Pavone (Valerio Lazarov, 1974) (as Herself - Host aged 23)

¡Señoras y señores!: S01E22 (1974) (as Herself - Hostess aged 23)

¡Señoras y señores!: S01E24 Marujita Díaz/Micky/Los Puntos/Lorenzo Santamaría (Valerio Lazarov, 1974) (as Herself - Host aged 23)

¡Señoras y señores!: S01E30 Especial Nochevieja (Valerio Lazarov, 1974) (as Herself - Host aged 23)

Sergeant Berry: S02E03 ... und die Gefahren der Schönheit (Harald Philipp, 1975) (aged 24)

El asesino no está solo (Jesús García de Dueñas, Spain, 1975) (as Sara aged 24)

Las alegres vampiras de Vögel (Julio Pérez Tabernero, Spain, 1975) (as Laura aged 24)

¡Señoras y señores!: S01E32 (1975) (as Herself - Hostess aged 24)

¡Señoras y señores!: S01E33 Katja Ebstein/Les Humphrie Singers/Carmen Flores/Andrés Do Barro (1975) (as Herself - Host aged 24)

La trastienda (Jorge Grau, Spain, 1975) (as Juana Ríos aged 24)

Las delicias de los verdes años (Antonio Mercero, Spain, 1976) (as Herminia aged 25)

Los hijos de... (Luis María Delgado, Spain, 1976) (as Rocío aged 25)

El secreto inconfesable de un chico bien (Jorge Grau, Spain, 1976) (as Ana aged 25)

Secuestro (León Klimovsky, Spain, 1976) (as Marisa aged 25)

Señoritas de uniforme (Luis María Delgado, Spain, 1976) (as Manuela aged 25)

Pasión (Tonino Ricci, Spain, 1977) (aged 26)

Marcada por los hombres (José Luis Merino, Spain, 1977) (as Carmen aged 26)

Delirio d'amore (Tonino Ricci, Italy, 1977) (as Isabel aged 26)

Eva a las diez Episode dated 2 May 1977 (1977) (as Herself - Guest aged 26)

El huerto del Francés (Paul Naschy, Spain, 1978) (as Andrea aged 27)

Cosas Episode dated 11 April 1980 (1980) (as Herself aged 29)

# Las mujeres de Jeremías (Ramón Fernández, Mexico, 1981) (featuring María José Cantudo as Esther aged 30) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Taida Urruzola, Verónica Miriel, Isela Vega, Ana De Sade, Jorge Rivero, Andrés García, Chuck Connors, Michael Conrad, John Ireland, Enrique Novi, Miguel Ángel Ferriz and Mike Moroff

María José Cantudo in Las mujeres de Jeremías

An uneventful start to this Mexican comedy Western with all four of the vicar's lovely daughters fast asleep in bed. And with no sign of a single one of them so much as putting on a nightdress or even tucking the bedclothes tightly underneath her chin. You can imagine the audience getting restless for some action.

Something does eventually happen. Four young bloods from the town turn up to serenade the young ladies with harmonies to the accompaniment of guitars. It's very much a Mexican cultural thing this, something every young man has to master or remain single all his life. Luckily tunefulness is not as important as sincerity and sheer enthusiasm.

The girls' attention is duly caught, and after giggling from behind the curtains they finally slip on the nightdresses their long-suffering mother sewed herself no doubt. From outside four windows are seen to slide slowly open, and a lovely bare bottom is envisioned to be about to poke itself out of each one of them. Sadly the girls' actual response is not quite so playful; it's even a little 'dampening' (ha ha).

María is given the naming honours for this clip due to her opening the show, and being the eldest, and the bossiest. The others are (in order of appearance) Verónica Miriel, Ana De Sade, and Taida Urruzola.

Tags: dressing, full-frontal, horseplay, padding, sleeping, two-women, window


Las mujeres de Jeremías Las mujeres de Jeremías Las mujeres de Jeremías Las mujeres de Jeremías Las mujeres de Jeremías

Su turno Desnudo sí, si lo exige el guión (Álvaro de Aguinaga, 1982) (as Herself - Panelist aged 31)

# I eromeni (Omiros Efstratiadis, Greece, 1982) (featuring María José Cantudo as Anna aged 31) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Claudia Gravy, Andreas Barkoulis, Ajita Wilson, Pepe Martín, Nino Bastida, Giannis Kostis, Maria Furnaraki, Kostas Bakalis, Spyros Drosos, Nella Drouvi and Tasos Polyhronopoulos

María José Cantudo in I eromeni

Dull Greek suspenser about a middle-aged theatre producer and María, a showgirl he's auditioning. She shows off with lively belly-dance / flamenco fusion numbers in front of the Acropolis in skimpy outfits which expose the underside of her breasts. Meanwhile his wife (Claudia Gravy) plays the piano in cape-like garments past midnight in a stately fashion bordering on the funereal. So which one of these women gets the nights on the town, the fine wines and the Belgian chocolates? Our man and María come to believe they can murder this inconvenient wife and live happily ever after - a distressingly common attitude which I've never really understood.

I've seen this guy's prattish style of behaviour before - it must be a Greek thing. The way to look cool enough to ingratiate yourself with a glamorous woman at least a decade and a half too young for you apparently is to sling your jacket over your shoulder in the sunshine and rock your head from side to side while grinning broadly and inanely. That's if you're well-to-do and debonaire - I dread to think what an exhibition you have to make of yourself if you're poverty-stricken and gauche.

Anyway, his style of 'cred' works on María and that's all that matters. She responds with antics of equal banality but considerably more interest to we the viewers at home. The best of them even earns her a round of applause.

Tags: bashful, beach, flashing, full-frontal, hairy, outdoor, petting


I eromeni I eromeni I eromeni I eromeni I eromeni

Las chicas del bingo (Julián Esteban, Spain, 1982) (as María aged 31)

La vida, el amor y la muerte (Carlos Puerto, Spain, 1982) (as Flavia aged 31)

El amor es un juego extraño (Luis Alcoriza, Mexico, 1983) (aged 32)

Inseminación artificial (Arturo Martínez, Spain, 1983) (aged 32)

Bla, bla, bla Episode dated 20 February 1983 (José María Font, 1983) (as Herself - Interviewee aged 32)

Piernas cruzadas (Rafael Villaseñor Kuri, Mexico, 1984) (as Lucerito Rioja aged 33)

Sangre en el Caribe (Rafael Villaseñor Kuri, Mexico, 1985) (as Julia aged 34)

La comedia musical española: S01E13 El sobre verde (Fernando García de la Vega, 1985) (aged 34)

La comedia musical española: S01E11 Las de Villadiego (Fernando García de la Vega, 1985) (as Fifí aged 34)

La comedia musical española: S01E06 Róbame esta noche (1985) (as Emérita aged 34)

Un, dos, tres... responda otra vez: S05E15 La burocracia, la oficina siniestra (1986) (as Herself - Singer aged 35)

Àngel Casas Show: S03E11 (Àngel Casas, 1987) (as Herself - Guest aged 36)

El edén Episode dated 22 July 1987 (1987) (as Herself - Guest aged 36)

Un, dos, tres... responda otra vez: S06E31 Madrid (Narciso Ibáñez Serrador, 1987) (as El Pichi aged 36)

Viva el espectáculo: S01E10 (Fernando Navarrete, 1990) (as Herself - Musical Guest aged 39)

Viva el espectáculo: S01E04 (Fernando Navarrete, 1990) (as Herself - Audience Member aged 39)

Ven al Paralelo: S01E06 (José Luis Cuevas, 1992) (as Herself - Musical Guest aged 41)

Inocente, inocente Episode dated 21 September 1993 (1993) (as Herself - Guest aged 42)

Ven al Paralelo: S02E21 (Miquel Fortuny, 1993) (as Herself - Musical Guest aged 42)

Tal cual Episode dated 29 October 1993 (1993) (as Herself - Guest aged 42)

¡Ay, Señor, Señor! (Julio Sánchez Valdés, Spain, 1994) (aged 43)

Dora Dora: S01E12 (1994) (as Herself - Guest aged 43)

Nadie es perfecto Episode dated 1 February 1995 (1995) (as Herself aged 44)

El águila de fuego (Spain, 1995) (aged 44)

Qué memoria la mía: S01E01 (1996) (as Herself aged 45)

Día a día Episode dated 24 September 1996 (1996) (as Herself - Guest aged 45)

Función de noche Mariquilla Terremoto (1997) (as Mariquilla Terremoto aged 46)

La hora de Pau Asi fueron mis comienzos (1998) (as Herself - Guest aged 47)

Waku waku Episode dated 15 March 1998 (1998) (as Herself - Contestant aged 47)

Risas y estrellas Episode dated 7 February 1998 (1998) (as Herself - Guest aged 47)

Versión española: S03E02 La trastienda (Santiago Tabernero, 2000) (as Herself - Guest aged 49)

El traspié (Spain, 2000) (as Herself aged 49)

AdiVrj (Spain, 2001) (as Terrifying Atmospheric Voice aged 50)

Mañá será outro día (Luis Miles, Spain, 2002) (as Herself - Guest aged 51)

Cuéntame: S02E14 Atado y bien atado (Agustín Crespi, 2002) (as Susana de Ramírez Sañudo aged 51)

Cuéntame: S02E11 Días de lluvia (Agustín Crespi, 2002) (as Susana de Ramírez Sañudo aged 51)

Cuéntame: S01E16 Entre beso y beso... terremoto (Ramón Fernández, 2002) (as Susana de Ramírez Sañudo aged 51)

Cuéntame: S02E07 Primeras tardes con Teresa (Antonio Cano, 2002) (as Susana de Ramírez Sañudo aged 51)

Cuéntame: S01E31 Qué luna la del aquel día (Agustín Crespi, 2002) (as Susana de Ramírez Sañudo aged 51)

Cuéntame: S04E07 Los tiempos cambian (Antonio Cano, 2003) (as Susana de Ramírez Sañudo aged 52)

Cuéntame: S04E12 Miedo en el cuerpo (Antonio Cano, 2003) (as Susana de Ramírez Sañudo aged 52)

¿Se puede?: S01E06 Doble equívoco/Sueño en colores/La manicura/Las viudas (Gustavo Pérez Puig, 2004) (aged 53)

¿Dónde estás, corazón? Episode dated 16 July 2004 (2004) (as Herself - Guest aged 53)

Cuéntame: S05E01 Un orden nuevo (Antonio Cano, 2004) (as Susana de Ramírez Sañudo aged 53)

¿Dónde estás, corazón? Episode dated 5 August 2005 (2005) (as Herself - Guest aged 54)

¿Dónde estás, corazón? Episode dated 25 November 2005 (2005) (as Herself - Guest aged 54)

Corazón de... Episode dated 23 May 2006 (Miguel Cruz, Spain, 2006) (as Herself aged 55)

Cuéntame: S09E14 Los pingüinos del invicto Caudillo (Agustín Crespi, 2007) (as Susana de Ramírez Sañudo aged 56)

La noria Episode dated 27 October 2007 (2007) (as Herself - Guest aged 56)

Corazón de... Episode dated 22 November 2007 (Pilar Torres, Spain, 2007) (as Herself aged 56)

Luar Episode dated 11 May 2007 (2007) (as Herself - Guest aged 56)

¿Dónde estás, corazón? Episode dated 4 September 2009 (2009) (as Herself - Guest aged 58)

The Man Who Saw Frankenstein Cry (Ángel Agudo, Spain, 2010) (as Herself aged 59)

La que se avecina: S04E04 Un bohemio, unos labios carnositos y merengue, merengue (Laura Caballero, Spain, 2010) (as María José Cantudo aged 59)

Cuéntame: S13E05 Gajes del oficio (Moisés Ramos, 2011) (as Susana de Ramírez Sañudo aged 60)

La noria Episode dated 3 September 2011 (2011) (as Herself - Guest aged 60)

Hay una cosa que te quiero decir: S02E11 (2012) (as Herself - Guest aged 61)

Sálvame Episode dated 25 October 2013 (Carlota Corredera, 2013) (as Herself - Guest aged 62)

Sálvame Episode dated 26 October 2013 (Carlota Corredera, 2013) (as Herself - Guest aged 62)

Dani & Flo: S01E144 (Fernando Eiras, 2017) (as Herself - Interviewee aged 66)

Viva la vida: S01E08 (2017) (as Herself - Guest aged 66)

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