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Marta Anderson

A review and pictures of actress Marta Anderson naked in "A Prisão".
Marta Anderson

Born: 1945   Country: Brazil

With her blonde hair, heavy lip gloss and curvaceous body Marta was the epitome of 'sixties glamour, but she arrived almost too late on the scene to be a star of the pornochanchada genre. Nowadays she does good works apparently.

Oi!Mr. Skin has a page for Marta - click here for more of her pics & clips!


Como Ganhar na Loteria sem Perder a Esportiva (J.B. Tanko, Brazil, 1971) (aged 26)

O Bem-Amado S00E00: Episode dated 24 January 1973 (Régis Cardoso, 1973) (aged 28)

O Rei do Baralho (Júlio Bressane, Brazil, 1973) (aged 28)

O Espigão S00E00: Episode dated 3 April 1974 (Régis Cardoso, 1974) (aged 29)

O Padre Que Queria Pecar (Lenine Otoni, Brazil, 1975) (aged 30)

As Loucuras de um Sedutor (Alcino Diniz, Brazil, 1975) (aged 30)

Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos (Bruno Barreto, Brazil, 1976) (aged 31)

As Desquitadas em Lua-de-Mel (Victor di Mello, Brazil, 1976) (aged 31)

As Massagistas Profissionais (Carlo Mossy, Brazil, 1976) (aged 31)

As Mulheres Que Dão Certo (Brazil, 1976) (aged 31)

Sabendo Usar Não Vai Faltar (Brazil, 1976) (aged 31)

O Garanhão no Lago das Virgens (Marcos Lyra, Brazil, 1977) (aged 32)

Deu a Louca nas Mulheres (Roberto Machado, Brazil, 1977) (aged 32)

A Mulata Que Queria Pecar (Victor di Mello, Brazil, 1977) (aged 32)

Sem Lenço, Sem Documento (Brazil, 1977) (aged 32)

O Gigante da América (Júlio Bressane, Brazil, 1978) (aged 33)

O Pulo do Gato (Brazil, 1978) (aged 33)

O Preço do Prazer (Levi Salgado, Brazil, 1979) (aged 34)

# A Prisão (Oswaldo de Oliveira, Brazil, 1980) (featuring Marta Anderson aged 35) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Márcia Fraga, Fátima Celebrini, Nadia Destro, Maria Stella Splendore, Marliane Gomes, Marly Palauro, Meiry Vieira, Danielle Ferrite, Neide Ribeiro, Serafim Gonzalez, Sonia Regina and Virgínia Gil

Marta Anderson in A Prisão

Marta's most revealing scenes from this masterpiece are filed under Márcia Fraga's name, but here's an extra one I didn't want to miss. Batty Nurse Barbara is caught furtively rooting around the storeroom and has a 'smell my cheese' moment with Prison Governess Maria Stella Splendore. There's something uncannily stimulating about a grown woman getting her kicks exposing herself to a female authority figure. It's something you associate more with vulnerable girls from deprived backgrounds. Oh well, it was either that or the ether jar again...

Tags: flashing, lesbian


A Prisão A Prisão A Prisão

Prova de Fogo (Marco Altberg, Brazil, 1980) (aged 35)

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Mulher de Programa (Luiz de Miranda Corrêa, Brazil, 1981) (aged 36)

O Império do Desejo (Carlos Reichenbach, Brazil, 1981) (aged 36)

O Torturador (Antônio Calmon, Brazil, 1981) (aged 36)

Amenic - Entre o Discurso e a Prática (Fernando Silva, Brazil, 1984) (aged 39)

Nudo e selvaggio (Michele Massimo Tarantini, Italy, 1985) (as Betty Heinz aged 40)

Oi!Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Marta - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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