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Manuela Camacho

Reviews and pictures of actress Manuela Camacho naked in "El calor de la llama" and "Climax".
Manuela Camacho

Country: Spain

A Spanish brunette whose girlish beauty, charm, and petite physique allowed her to play roles younger than her years.


# El calor de la llama (Rafael Romero Marchent, Spain, 1976) (featuring Manuela Camacho as Lola) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Elli Maclure, Antonio Ferrandis, Raymond Young, Antonio Mayans, Roberto Camardiel, Francisco Nieto, Fernando Nogueras, Mayrata O'Wisiedo and Pedro Mari Sánchez

Manuela Camacho in El calor de la llama

A supporting role for the delectable Manuela in this Spanish giallo. She is working as a waitress to pay her way through hang gliding school. That, and the interest shown in her by strange women with big hands, would tend to mark her out as having a life expectancy in the range of short to momentary. They're probably just messing with our heads though, our girl will make it to the end.

Oh dear I was wrong, here is the the little angel landing on a lonely mountain slope, here is the little angel looking warily about her, and here is the camera panning over the little angel's corpse lying naked, bloody and violated. I feel quite angry about this.

Tags: blood, corpse, full-frontal, outdoor


El calor de la llama El calor de la llama El calor de la llama El calor de la llama El calor de la llama

# Climax (Francisco Lara Polop, Spain, 1977) (featuring Manuela Camacho as Verónica) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Virginia Mataix, Beatriz Rossat, Teresa Gimpera, Annie Belle, Javier Escrivá, Tony Fuentes, Andrés Isbert, Pilar Barrera, José Franco, Pilar Gómez Ferrer, David Lara and Inés Morales

Manuela Camacho in Climax

Manuela (playing Verónica) is a roommate of innocent schoolgirl heroine Annie Belle and Bad Influence #2 Virginia Mataix (for anyone struggling to keep count, we've already left behind Bad Influence #1 Beatriz Rossat). It quickly becomes apparent that Manuela is Bad Influence #3.

In fact this clip (never mind the whole film) is so full of impossibly scandalous behaviour I'm not even going to mention any of it for fear of putting people off. But those who think every film should have at least one snogging-the-lesbian-gym-mistress-(Silvia Tortosa)-up-against-the-wallbars scene (cf. Patricia Adriani in La máscara) will be delighted.

Tags: domestic, horseplay, lesbian, petting, smoking, undressing


Climax Climax Climax Climax Climax

El monosabio (Ray Rivas, Spain, 1978) not nude  (as Amparito)

Aplauso Episode dated 16 July 1978 (1978) (as Herself - Host)

La retención (Óscar Ladoire, Spain, 1978)

Tobi (Antonio Mercero, Spain, 1978) (as Luci)

Paco l'infaillible (Didier Haudepin, France, 1979) (as Chica 1ª)

El hombre de moda (Fernando Méndez-Leite, Spain, 1980)

La miel (Pedro Masó, Spain, 1981) not nude 

Ramón y Cajal: S01E02 Cajal en Zaragoza (José María Forqué, 1982)

Estudio 1 Mariana Pineda (1983)

Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del montón (Pedro Almodóvar, Spain, 1985)

La guerra de los locos (Manolo Matji, Spain, 1987)

Extramuros (Miguel Picazo, Spain, 1991) (as Monja)

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