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Sasha Hails

A review and pictures of actress Sasha Hails naked in "Une rose entre nous".
Sasha Hails

Country: United Kingdom

A lively and slightly goofy looking English lass, Sasha was briefly a muse of acclaimed French director Francois Ozon.

Mr. Skin has a page for Sasha - click here for more of her pics & clips!


Crime and Punishment S01E03: Part 3 (Michael Darlow, 1979) (as St. Petersburg citizen)

# Une rose entre nous (François Ozon, France, 1994) (featuring Sasha Hails as Rose) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Rodolphe Lesage, Christophe Hémon, Jacques Disses, Francis Arnaud, Gilles Frilay, Martine Erhel, Gilles Brochard, Natacha Henry, Tina d'Agostino and Delphine Queval

Sasha Hails from Une rose entre nous

Sasha pals up in the bathroom with a young French lad who's had a little too much to drink at a party. She jumps into the shower, showing her total disregard for modesty as well as an irrepressible sense of fun. In fact I reckon she could have showers every Saturday night for the rest of her life and still find them amusing.

Tags: full-frontal, petting, shower, washing


Sasha Hails in Une rose entre nous Sasha Hails in Une rose entre nous Sasha Hails in Une rose entre nous Sasha Hails in Une rose entre nous

The Bill S10E: Silent Partner (Indra Bhose, UK, 1994) (as Kathleen Stanley)

Sharman S01E03: Episode #1.3 (1996) (as Emma)

Regarde la mer (François Ozon, France, 1997) (as Sasha)

Mad Cows (Sara Sugarman, UK, 1999)

Wonderful You S01E01: Into the Blue (Matt Lipsey, UK, 1999)

Wonderful You S01E06: The Morning After (UK, 1999)

Wonderful You S01E04: Love Stories (UK, 1999)

Wonderful You S01E07: My Name Belongs to You (Matt Lipsey, 1999) (as Gillian)

The Bill S16E36: Going Public (Frank W. Smith, UK, 2000) (as Elaine)

Longitude (Charles Sturridge, UK, 2000)

Coming Up S03E02: Bird's Eye View (David O'Neill, 2005)

In the Park (Sasha Hails, UK, 2005)

Doctors S08E17: Too Soon (Daniel Wilson, UK, 2006)

EastEnders S00E00: Episode dated 26 September 2006 (Michael Owen Morris, UK, 2006)

Holby City S08E41: Metamorphosis (Rob Evans, UK, 2006)

Casualty S22E03: Meltdown (Richard Signy, UK, 2007)

Casualty S21E42: Entropy (Craig Lines, 2007)

Casualty S21E30: A World Elsewhere (Dez McCarthy, UK, 2007)

Casualty S22E18: Take a Cup of Kindness Yet (Paul Murphy, UK, 2007)

Casualty S22E19: For Auld Lang Syne (Paul Murphy, UK, 2007)

Holby City S09E35: Close Relations (Sarah O'Gorman, UK, 2007)

Casualty S22E36: Love Is... (Piotr Szkopiak, UK, 2008)

Casualty S23E13: A Slip in Time (Suri Krishnamma, UK, 2008)

Casualty S22E48: This Mess We're In: Part 2 (Julie Edwards, UK, 2008)

Casualty S23E43: Not Over 'Til the Fat Lady Sings (Dermot Boyd, UK, 2009)

Casualty S24E17: Tidings of Comfort and Joy (Alan Grint, UK, 2009)

Casualty S23E33: Someone to Watch Over Me (Paul Murphy, UK, 2009)

Casualty S24E47: Nice and Easy Does It (Declan Eames, UK, 2010)

Casualty S24E32: Loves Me, Loves Me Not (Dermot Boyd, UK, 2010)

Casualty S25E04: Only the Lonely (Matthew Evans, UK, 2010)

Waterloo Road S05E13: Episode #5.13 (Tim Hopewell, UK, 2010)

Casualty S25E37: When the Bough Breaks (Paul Murphy, UK, 2011)

Casualty S26E11: A Pound of Flesh (Richard Signy, 2011)

Holby City S13E39: Hand in Glove (Jamie Annett, 2011)

Casualty S26E42: #HolbyRiot: Part Two (Reza Moradi, 2012)

Casualty S27E09: Harvest Festival (Graeme Harper, 2012)

Casualty S26E29: Saturday Night Fever (Declan O'Dwyer, 2012)

Casualty S27E17: Rabbits in Headlights (Jon Sen, 2013)

Casualty S28E03: Once There Was a Way Home: Part Two (Robert Del Maestro, 2013)

Casualty S27E31: Unsilenced (Reza Moradi, 2013)

Casualty S28E18: Away in a Manger (Robert Del Maestro, 2013)

Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Sasha - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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