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María Luisa García

Reviews and pictures of actress María Luisa García naked in "Céline" and "La vie comme ça".
María Luisa García

Born: 1956   Country: Spain

A Spanish actress with very Mediterranean looks, attractive in a funny-face sort of way, she has a way of looking sadly at you, as if it was something you'd done. Most of her screen work has been in France; she was a particular muse of French director Jean-Claude Brisseau.


La croisée des chemins (Jean-Claude Brisseau, France, 1975) (aged 19)

# La vie comme ça (Jean-Claude Brisseau, France, 1978) (featuring María Luisa García as Agnes Tessier aged 22) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Pascale Ogier, Lucien Plazanet, Marie Rivière, Jenny Bellay, Daniel Tarrare, Jacques Serres, Bernard Tiphaine, Janine Souchon, Luc Ponette and Jean-Claude Ballard

María Luisa García from La vie comme ça

María plays a Parisian office worker and towerblock dweller in this early feature by Jean-Claude Brisseau. One of the few consolations of her existence in the urban wasteland is her flatmate, a very affectionate Marie Rivière (from The Green Ray) who is forever draping herself semi-naked about her girl chum and petting the dear little thing. I'm not sure María entirely appreciates it though.

The scene we are really interested in takes place during an afternoon out with a boyfriend at what looks like the Botanical Gardens or some such place. But full frontal nudity?! Do they allow it in there?

Tags: full-frontal, outdoor, undressing


María Luisa García in La vie comme ça María Luisa García in La vie comme ça María Luisa García in La vie comme ça María Luisa García in La vie comme ça María Luisa García in La vie comme ça

La femme de l'aviateur (Eric Rohmer, France, 1981) (as Anne's Friend aged 25)

A Good Marriage (Eric Rohmer, France, 1982) (aged 26)

Les contes modernes: Au sujet de l'enfance (France, 1982) (aged 26)

Un jeu brutal (Jean-Claude Brisseau, France, 1983) (as Annie aged 27)

Rosette prend sa douche (Rosette, France, 1984) (aged 28)

Les nuits de la pleine lune (Eric Rohmer, France, 1984) (aged 28)

The Green Ray (Eric Rohmer, France, 1986) (as Manuella in Paris aged 30)

4 aventures de Reinette et Mirabelle (Eric Rohmer, France, 1987) (aged 31)

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend (Eric Rohmer, France, 1987) (aged 31)

Rosette cherche une chambre (Rosette, France, 1987) (aged 31)

De bruit et de fureur (Jean-Claude Brisseau, France, 1988) (as Apparition aged 32)

Les jeux de société (Eric Rohmer, France, 1989) (aged 33)

Noce blanche (Jean-Claude Brisseau, France, 1989) (aged 33)

Conte de printemps (Eric Rohmer, France, 1990) (aged 34)

# Céline (Jean-Claude Brisseau, France, 1992) (featuring María Luisa García as Geneviève aged 36) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Isabelle Pasco, Danièle Lebrun, Daniel Tarrare, Damien Dutrait, Lucien Plazanet, Sébastien Lenfant, François Eychart, Marie-Thérèse Eychard, Pascale Simeon and Pascal Eychart

María Luisa García from Céline

After Céline, who lives in a comfortable old country retreat, allows her life to fall into decline Geneviève (María) takes on the role of her nurse, spiritual guide, and confidant. Which basically means telling her to take more exercise and get up at six o'clock in the morning. She must have the innate charisma of a true-born guru, because if you or I had said that the girl would've gladly told us where to get off.

Never mind. In this clip there are a couple of young callers at the kitchen door (and their grandma), and Céline goes to see if Geneviève is free. Which she isn't; in fact she's so not-free she's in what the lawyers would call a 'compromising situation'. 'Excusez-moi' says Céline (it means 'I beg your pardon') suppressing a smirk, and returns to the good people on the doorstep. 'Entrer' she says (it means 'come in'). Which just goes to show you can understand their language inside out but you can never understand the French.

Tags: sex


María Luisa García in Céline María Luisa García in Céline María Luisa García in Céline María Luisa García in Céline María Luisa García in Céline

L'ange noir (Jean-Claude Brisseau, France, 1994) (as Madeleine aged 38)

Les savates du bon Dieu (Jean-Claude Brisseau, France, 2000) (aged 44)

Choses secrètes (Jean-Claude Brisseau, France, 2002) (as Sandrine's Mother aged 46)

Les anges exterminateurs (Jean-Claude Brisseau, France, 2006) (aged 50)

Le cinéma selon Brisseau (Eric Paccoud, France, 2007) (as Herself aged 51)

À l'aventure (Jean-Claude Brisseau, France, 2008) (aged 52)

La fille de nulle part (Jean-Claude Brisseau, France, 2012) (aged 56)

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