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Anna Fonsou

A review and pictures of actress Anna Fonsou naked in "To koritsi kai t' alogo".
Anna Fonsou

Born: 1939   Country: Greece

A typically Mediterranean actress, star of many a Greek romance of the 'sixties and early 'seventies.


O Fanouris kai to soi tou (Dimitris Ioannopoulos, Greece, 1957) (as Elenitsa Skarvetsou aged 18)

To paidi tou dromou (Frixos Iliadis, Greece, 1957) (as Vasoula aged 18)

To mystiko tis katigoroumenis (Mavrikios Novak, Greece, 1958) (aged 19)

To agorokoritso (Dimis Dadiras, Greece, 1959) (as Aleka aged 20)

To agori p' agapo (Giannis Dalianidis, Greece, 1960) (as Liza aged 21)

Moro mou! (Dimis Dadiras, Greece, 1960) (as Tzini Kalomoiri aged 21)

Diavolou kaltsa (Grigoris Grigoriou, Greece, 1961) (as Rena aged 22)

To exypno pouli (Orestis Laskos, Greece, 1961) (as Fani aged 22)

Deka meres sto Parisi (Orestis Laskos, Greece, 1962) (as Aleka aged 23)

Orgi (Vasilis Georgiadis, Greece, 1962) (as Lili aged 23)

Afto to kati allo! (Grigoris Grigoriou, Greece, 1963) (as Nana Panariou aged 24)

O teleftaios peirasmos (Sokrates Kapsaskis, Greece, 1964) (as Nina aged 25)

Dipsa gia zoi (Sokrates Kapsaskis, Greece, 1964) (as Katerina aged 25)

Peraste tin proti tou minos (Sokrates Kapsaskis, Greece, 1965) (as Anna aged 26)

Ta dyhtia tis dropis (Errikos Thalassinos, Greece, 1965) (as Maria aged 26)

Pikri zoi (Sokrates Kapsaskis, Greece, 1965) (as Marina aged 26)

Oloi oi andres einai idioi (Alekos Sakellarios, Greece, 1966) (as Kalliopi aged 27)

Oi enohoi (Kostas Asimakopoulos, Greece, 1966) (as Hristina aged 27)

Nymfios, anymfeftos (Orestis Laskos, Greece, 1967) (as Souzy aged 28)

I paihnidiara (Hristos Kyriakopoulos, Greece, 1967) (as Kaiti Lorentzou aged 28)

I epistrofi tis Mideias (Giannis Hristodoulou, Greece, 1968) (aged 29)

I Athina meta ta mesanyhta (Greece, 1968) (aged 29)

I diki enos athoou (Kostas Asimakopoulos, Greece, 1969) (as Anna aged 30)

Poios Thanasis! (Thanasis Vengos, Greece, 1969) (as Stella aged 30)

O stratis parastratise (Kostas Karagiannis, Greece, 1969) (as Dora Galati aged 30)

I komissa tis fabrikas (Dimis Dadiras, Greece, 1969) (as Efi Tepeherli aged 30)

O apithanos (Orestis Laskos, Greece, 1970) (as Daisy Karali aged 31)

Oi gennaioi tou Vorra (Kostas Karagiannis, Greece, 1970) (as Dancer aged 31)

Vlepe: 'Loukianos' (Giorgos Emirzas, Greece, 1970) (aged 31)

Arhipseftaros (Errikos Thalassinos, Greece, 1971) (as Dafne Porter aged 32)

Diakopes sto Vietnam (Panos Glykofrydis, Greece, 1971) (as Froso aged 32)

Idiotiki mou zoi (Omiros Efstratiadis, Greece, 1971) (as Anna aged 32)

Yperifanoi aetoi (Filippos Fylaktos, Greece, 1971) (aged 32)

O agnostos ekeinis tis nyhtas (Odysseas Kosteletos, Greece, 1972) (as Diana aged 33)

Proklisis (Omiros Efstratiadis, Greece, 1972) (as Isavella aged 33)

Pio thermi kai ap' ton ilio (Omiros Efstratiadis, Greece, 1972) (as Eleana aged 33)

Lysistrati (George Zervoulakos, Greece, 1972) (as Myrini aged 33)

Kynigimenoi erastes (Omiros Efstratiadis, Greece, 1972) (as Samantha aged 33)

with Christo Spyropoulos, Giannis Argyris and Kostas Karagiorgis

Anna Fonsou from To koritsi kai t  alogo

Love on a Horse, an artsily photographed piece of continental fluff, the very special kind of cinema in which the 'seventies abounded. Unusually it comes from Greece; the small amount of trash I've seen from that country has been disappointingly generic, but this one stands out both for its bonkers treatment and somewhat scandalous theme.

Set on the sun-drenched Aegean coast, at the centre is Alexis, a painter facing the onset of old age. He reminded me of old Bob Fleming from The Fast Show in both looks and manner; the same cheery vagueness when surrounded by the tools of his trade, and the same sense of staring into the abyss as he realises he is losing the mental and physical wherewithal to use them. I took to him at once.

But to get to the point, Alexis has a new young wife in the shape of Anna, and a feckless son from a previous marriage (Christo Spyropoulos). When the son arrives out of the blue one day Alexis complacently introduces him to his new stepmother when she's showering naked in the back garden. It's sort of a hint this might end badly; don't the Greeks have a reputation for tragedy or something?

Anna has several nude scenes, and while they're mostly not bad neither are they especially original or revealing. Here is the one special scene, the one that brought back the old artist's inspiration, when horsewoman Anna gallops up to her young stepson as he sunbathes on the beach wearing only his hat...

Tags: horseback, outdoor, sex, skinny-dip


Anna Fonsou in To koritsi kai t  alogo Anna Fonsou in To koritsi kai t  alogo Anna Fonsou in To koritsi kai t  alogo Anna Fonsou in To koritsi kai t  alogo Anna Fonsou in To koritsi kai t  alogo

O apostatis (Faidon Georgitsis, Greece, 1974) (as Soula aged 35)

Anna Lucasta (Greece, 1977) (aged 38)

Vouleftes kai vouleftines (Nikos Avrameas, Greece, 1980) (as Ketty aged 41)

Kathenas me tin trella tou... (Giorgos Lazaridis, Greece, 1980) (aged 41)

O kloios (Kostas Koutsomytis, Greece, 1987) (as Mary aged 48)

Oi dyo orfanes (Greece, 1991) (aged 52)

Parathyro sti thalassa (Maria Ilioú, Greece, 1991) (aged 52)

Oi athlioi tis Viktoros Hugo (Greece, 1992) (aged 53)

Nea taxi (Kostas Megapanos, Greece, 1996) (aged 57)

Avrio tha xeroume - Dharma Blue Bums (Andreas Thomopoulos, Greece, 1997) (as Soso aged 58)

Balada sto hameno selinofos (Nikos Xythalis, Greece, 2002) (aged 63)

Sta akra S00E00: Episode dated 23 February 2008 (Despoina Hondrokouki, 2008) (as Herself aged 69)

85 hronia Mikis Theodorakis (Greece, 2010) (as Herself aged 71)

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