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Sylvie Lafontaine

A review and pictures of actress Sylvie Lafontaine naked in "Les petites filles modèles".
Sylvie Lafontaine

Country: France

A little-seen brunette, slim, delicate, very French, dripping with nascent hauteur.


Cas de divorce: S01E08 Kittry contre Kittry (France) (as Eloise Sandel)

Des toques et des étoiles (Roger Pigaut, France) (as La Fleuriste)

Adieu mes quinze ans (Claude de Givray, France, 1971)

# Les petites filles modèles (Jean-Claude Roy, France, 1971) (featuring Sylvie Lafontaine as Sophie Fichini) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Jessica Dorn, Marie-Georges Pascal, Cathy Reghin, Michèle Girardon, Bella Darvi, Béatrice Arnac, Pierre Moncorbier, Romain Bouteille, François Guérin, Vincent Gauthier, Nicole Isimat and Stephan Lorey

Sylvie Lafontaine in Les petites filles modèles

Lightweight French comic erotica in which a quartet of nineteen-year-olds spend their summer holidays at an idyllic château while pretending to be suffering from arrested development.

The title is ironic; these supposed paragons of good behaviour can't be left alone for a single afternoon without bikinis bursting out everywhere. Sylvie, a newcomer, is the sort of goofy little minx familiar to anyone ever forced to go on an exchange holiday. No wonder she's not fitting in very well. Her martinet of a mother isn't helping; she's looks like she could have landed the role of Servalan in Blake's Seven if only she'd toned it down a bit. The slightest infraction on Sylvie's part sees her marched off to the stables and whipped across her bare back with a riding crop.

Surprisingly enough, for Sylvie this is what they call a 'win-win' situation. She actually enjoys these thrashings, and she can put up with the pitying glances from all the cool kids if it means she gets extra attention from the pretty ones at bedtime.

Sylvie's auntie, a very wise woman, cottons on to this. When the girl spoils a kissing game by biting her friend on the lip (where do French people think up these perversions?) she's dealt the severest punishment yet: not being stripped and beaten with a riding crop.

The enlightened new punishment regime works wonders. Now Sylvie can get through an entire catfight without tearing off a single article of clothing. She still goes swimming in ponds in the nude, though that's pretty much unavoidable, and maybe even desirable. So long as it's only on really sunny days, and only with girl friends. And so what if they scare the odd young man lurking in the bushes?

Tags: bashful, beaten, outdoor, patient, scarred, skinny-dip, sleeping, spanking, stables, stripped, two-women, voyeur

Clip 1

Les petites filles modèles Les petites filles modèles Les petites filles modèles Les petites filles modèles Les petites filles modèles

Clip 2

Les petites filles modèles Les petites filles modèles Les petites filles modèles Les petites filles modèles Les petites filles modèles

George qui? (Michèle Rosier, France, 1973) (as La Bourgeoise 1930)

Images à propos de: Enluminures autour des minutes du procès de Gilles de Rais (Martine Lancelot, France, 1975) (as La femme en noir)

Médecins de nuit: S01E04 Jean-François (Philippe Lefebvre, France, 1978) (as Une employée du SAMU)

Le roi qui vient du sud: S01E02 Le panache blanc 1576-1584 (1979) (as La soubrette de Margot)

La vie des autres Le bec de l'aigle (Pierre Nicolas, 1980) (as Anne-Marie Nozeroy)

Les amours du mal-aimé (Marcel Camus, France, 1980) (as L infirmière)

Les cinq dernières minutes: S03E26 Mort au bout du monde (Claude Loursais, 1981) (as Agnès)

Conrad Killian, le fou du désert (Jean-Paul Trébouet, France, 1982) (as La Géologue)

Service après-vente (Christophe Jacrot, France, 1991)

L'échappée (Roger Guillot, France, 1998) (as Adèle)

Venise est une femme (Jean-Pierre Vergne, France, 1998) (as La femme de la cabine téléphonique)

Prison à domicile (Christophe Jacrot, France, 1999) (as La Conseillère Municipal)

Commissaire Moulin: S04E12 Passage protégé (Yves Rénier, 2000) (as Mme Marchetti)

Un voyage entre amis (Pierre Beccu, France, 2001) (as Madame Leroy)

The Magic Box (Olivier Cohen, France, 2001) (as Marcia Patrick)

Chaos (Coline Serreau, France, 2001) (as L agent immobilier)

La vie promise (Olivier Dahan, France, 2002) (as Vendeuse jouets)

Les enquêtes d'Éloïse Rome: S03E05 Rumeur fatale (Vincent Monnet, 2003) (as Madame Royer)

La crim': S09E05 Enfance volée (Dominique Guillo, 2004) (as Mme Redowitz)

Sandrine (Thibault Anthelme, France, 2012) (as La mére)

Le jour où tout a basculé: S02E118 Mon beau-père est dangereux (Séquestrée) (Pierre-François Brodin, 2012) (as Myriam)

Interdits d'enfants (Jacques Renard, France, 2013) (as Madame)

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