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Lisa Pelikan

A review and pictures of actress Lisa Pelikan naked in "Jennifer".
Lisa Pelikan

Born: 1954   Country: United States

A redhead with fragile naturally pretty looks. She has been very active in TV, cinema, and on the stage.

Lisa Pelikan (born July 12, 1954) is an American stage, film and television actress.  snippet from Wikipedia


The Country Girl (Paul Bogart, USA, 1974) (as Nancy aged 20)

Valley Forge (Fielder Cook, USA, 1975) (aged 21)

I Want to Keep My Baby! (Jerry Thorpe, USA, 1976) (as Miranda aged 22)

The Blue Hotel (Ján Kadár, USA, 1977) (as Younger Daughter aged 23)

Julia (Fred Zinnemann, USA, 1977) (as Young Julia aged 23)

The Best of Families (USA, 1977) (aged 23)

Happy Days S04E18: The Graduation: Part 1 (Jerry Paris, 1977) (as Michelle aged 23)

Kojak S04E23: Lady in the Squadroom (Edward M. Abroms, USA, 1977) (as Jennifer Campbell aged 23)

James at 15 S01E02: Friends (Joseph Hardy, USA, 1977) (as Paisley aged 23)

James at 15 S01E06: The Apple Tree, the Singing and the Gold (Peter Levin, USA, 1977) (aged 23)

# Jennifer (Brice Mack, USA, 1981) (featuring Lisa Pelikan as Jennifer Baylor aged 27) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Bert Convy, Nina Foch, Amy Johnston, John Gavin, Jeff Corey, Louise Hoven, Ray Underwood, Wesley Eure, Florida Friebus, Georganne LaPiere, Sally Pansing and Leslie King

Lisa Pelikan in Jennifer

Lisa plays Jennifer (Carrie was already taken), a pupil at a snooty private school for girls. Most of whom, if the sample shown on camera is at all representative, are total and utter cows. I think there's some jealousy involved here; Jennifer's fresh looks and simple loving family background are enough to excite anyone's envy. Her mother is dead, and her father keeps snakes; just a little local colour which I'm sure won't become a factor in the plot - I hate snakes. This scene has Jennifer using the showers at the school swimming pool. (Did you see the sign by the way: "Swim suits required at all times"? I can imagine there's a story or two behind that one.) But her schoolmates play a trick: they hide her clothes where she can't reach without risking an embarrassing accident. And all it takes is just one camera in the right place to make her schooldays a living hell...

Tags: accidental, humiliation, padding, shower, voyeur, washing


Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer

True Grit (Richard T. Heffron, USA, 1978) (as Mattie Ross aged 24)

Perfect Gentlemen (Jackie Cooper, USA, 1978) (as Annie Cavagnaro aged 24)

L'homme en colère (Claude Pinoteau, Canada, 1979) (as Anne aged 25)

The Last Convertible (USA, 1979) (aged 25)

Studs Lonigan (USA, 1979) (aged 25)

The Women's Room (Glenn Jordan, USA, 1980) (as Kyla aged 26)

The Best Little Girl in the World (Sam O'Steen, USA, 1981) (as Gail Powell aged 27)

Trapper John, M.D. S04E12: Life, Death and Vinnie Duncan (Michael Caffey, 1983) (as Rachel aged 29)

Remington Steele S02E13: High Flying Steele (Karen Arthur, USA, 1984) (as Christy Cordaro aged 30)

The Fisher Family S00E00: Reprise for the Lord (Sharron Miller, 1984) (as Bonnie aged 30)

The House of God (Donald Wrye, USA, 1984) (as Jo Miller aged 30)

Swing Shift (Jonathan Demme, USA, 1984) (as Violet aged 30)

A Bunny's Tale (Karen Arthur, USA, 1985) (as Lee aged 31)

Ghoulies (Luca Bercovici, USA, 1985) (as Rebecca aged 31)

Alfred Hitchcock Presents S01E02: Night Fever (Jeff Kanew, 1985) (as Nurse Ellen Hatch aged 31)

The Equalizer S02E07: Counterfire (Alan Metzger, USA, 1986) (as Anne Fitzgerald aged 32)

Hotel S04E03: Enemies Within (Bruce Bilson, USA, 1986) (as Laura Shafer aged 32)

Blacke's Magic S01E12: Wax Poetic (Allen Reisner, 1986) (aged 32)

Cagney & Lacey S06E17: Divine Couriers (Sharron Miller, 1987) (aged 33)

Windmills of the Gods (Lee Philips, USA, 1988) (aged 34)

Murder, She Wrote S05E08: Prediction: Murder (Walter Grauman, USA, 1989) (as Jill Goddard aged 35)

A.W.O.L.: Absent Without Leave (Sheldon Lettich, USA, 1990) (as Helene aged 36)

In the Heat of the Night S05E03: Obsession (Russ Mayberry, 1991) (as Jeanette Marshall aged 37)

Into the Badlands (Sam Pillsbury, USA, 1991) (as Sarah Carstairs aged 37)

Return to the Blue Lagoon (William A. Graham, USA, 1991) (as Sarah Hargrave aged 37)

Sons and Daughters S01E05: Melanie (Bill Bixby, 1991) (aged 37)

The 48th Annual Golden Globe Awards (USA, 1991) (aged 37)

Murder, She Wrote S08E07: Terminal Connection (Walter Grauman, USA, 1991) (as Allison Franklin aged 37)

Brooklyn Bridge S01E19: Rainy Day (Michael J. Fox, USA, 1992) (as Bernice aged 38)

Jack's Place S02E08: The Pipes Are Calling (James Keach, 1993) (as Lizzie aged 39)

Vicki! S00E00: Episode dated 22 July 1993 (1993) (as Herself aged 39)

Present Tense, Past Perfect (Richard Dreyfuss, USA, 1995) (as Lisa aged 41)

It's My Party (Randal Kleiser, USA, 1996) (aged 42)

Color of Justice (Jeremy Kagan, USA, 1997) (aged 43)

Shadow of Doubt (Randal Kleiser, USA, 1998) (as Leslie Saxon aged 44)

Off Season (Bruce Davison, Canada, 2001) (as Ashley Manson aged 47)

The Guardian S01E05: The Men from the Boys (Peter Levin, USA, 2001) (as Carol Ritter aged 47)

For the People S01E15: Nascent (Carl Weathers, 2002) (as Amanda Jacobs aged 48)

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit S04E08: Waste (Donna Deitch, 2002) (as Dr Garrison aged 48)

Strong Medicine S04E01: The Hero Heart (John Perrin Flynn, USA, 2003) (aged 49)

Marlowe (Rob Bowman, USA, 2007) (aged 53)

Sacrifices of the Heart (David S. Cass Sr., USA, 2007) (as Virginia Doyle aged 53)

10,000 Days S01E12: A New Beginning (2010) (as Anna Hesse aged 56)

10,000 Days S01E04: Past Meets Present (2010) (as Anna Hesse aged 56)

10,000 Days S01E03: The Object (2010) (as Anna Hesse aged 56)

10,000 Days S01E08: The Football (2010) (as Anna Hesse aged 56)

10,000 Days S01E05: Salvation or Destruction (2010) (as Anna Hesse aged 56)

10,000 Days S01E07: Siege (2010) (as Anna Hesse aged 56)

10,000 Days S01E10: Destitute (2010) (as Anna Hesse aged 56)

10,000 Days S01E06: Home (2010) (as Anna Hesse aged 56)

10,000 Days S01E11: Betrayal (2010) (as Anna Hesse aged 56)

10,000 Days S01E01: Survivors (2010) (as Anna Hesse aged 56)

10,000 Days S01E02: What Lies Beneath (2010) (as Anna Hesse aged 56)

10,000 Days S01E09: SOS (2010) (as Anna Hesse aged 56)

Rake S01E04: Cannibal (Sam Raimi, 2014) (as Lorraine aged 60)

Circle (II) (USA, 2014) (as Cancer Survivor aged 60)

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