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Corinne Cléry

A review and pictures of actress Corinne Cléry naked in "Per sempre".
Corinne Cléry

Born: 1950   Country: France

A French actress with an impressive variety of forgettable B-movies behind her. She is best known for playing the title role in The Story of O.

Corinne Cléry (born 23 March 1950), also known as Corinne Piccolo, is a French actress. She is known for the films Moonraker (1979), The Story of O (1975) and Yor, the Hunter from the Future (1983).   snippet from Wikipedia


Les poneyttes (Joël Le Moigné, France, 1967) (as Poneytte aka Corinne aged 17)

Il sergente Rompiglioni (Giuliano Biagetti, Italy, 1973) (as Figlia del colonnello aged 23)

Numéro 1 S01E16: Sacha Distel (Bernard Lion, France, 1975) (as Herself aged 25)

Story of O (Just Jaeckin, France, 1975) (as O aged 25)

Numéro 1 S02E09: Enrico Macias (Marion Sarraut, France, 1976) (as Herself aged 26)

Natale in casa d'appuntamento (Armando Nannuzzi, Italy, 1976) (as Senine aged 26)

Striptease (Germán Lorente, Spain, 1976) (as Anne aged 26)

...e tanta paura (Paolo Cavara, Italy, 1976) (as Jeanne aged 26)

Sturmtruppen (Salvatore Samperi, Italy, 1976) (as La donna aged 26)

Bluff storia di truffe e di imbroglioni (Sergio Corbucci, Italy, 1976) (as Charlotte aged 26)

Autostop rosso sangue (Pasquale Festa Campanile, Italy, 1977) (as Eve Mancini aged 27)

Kleinhoff Hotel (Carlo Lizzani, Italy, 1977) (as Pascale Rota aged 27)

Tre tigri contro tre tigri (Italy, 1977) (as La Balia aged 27)

Sono stato un agente C.I.A. (Romolo Guerrieri, Italy, 1978) (as Anne Florio aged 28)

I viaggiatori della sera (Ugo Tognazzi, Spain, 1979) (as Ortensia aged 29)

L'umanoide (Aldo Lado, Italy, 1979) (as Barbara Gibson aged 29)

Moonraker (Lewis Gilbert, UK, 1979) (as Corinne Dufour aged 29)

Odio le bionde (Giorgio Capitani, Italy, 1980) (as Angelica aged 30)

Eroina (Massimo Pirri, Italy, 1980) (as Pina aged 30)

Last Harem (Sergio Garrone, Italy, 1981) (as Sara aged 31)

Il mondo di Yor (Antonio Margheriti, Italy, 1983) (as Ka-Laa aged 33)

Benedetta e company (Alfredo Angeli, Italy, 1983) (aged 33)

Giochi d'estate (Bruno Cortini, Italy, 1984) (as Lisa Donelli aged 34)

Skipper (Roberto Malenotti, Italy, 1984) (aged 34)

Il miele del diavolo (Lucio Fulci, Spain, 1986) (as Carol Simpson aged 36)

Yuppies - I giovani di successo (Carlo Vanzina, Italy, 1986) (as Francesca aged 36)

Via Montenapoleone (Carlo Vanzina, Italy, 1986) (as Chiara aged 36)

Affari di famiglia (Marcello Fondato, Italy, 1986) (as Valeria aged 36)

Turno di notte S01E08: Ciak si muore (Luigi Cozzi, 1987) (aged 37)

Fantastico 8 S01E08: Episode #1.8 (1987) (as Herself aged 37)

La partita (Carlo Vanzina, Italy, 1988) (as Jacqueline aged 38)

Rimini Rimini - Un anno dopo (Bruno Corbucci, Italy, 1988) (as Carla Formigoni aged 38)

Una vittoria (Italy, 1988) (aged 38)

Disperatamente Giulia (Spain, 1989) (as Elena Dionisi aged 39)

Occhio alla perestrojka (Italy, 1990) (as Angela Bonetti aged 40)

Vita coi figli (Dino Risi, Italy, 1990) (as Valeria aged 40)

Vacanze di Natale '90 (Enrico Oldoini, Italy, 1990) (as Alessandra aged 40)

L'odissea (Giuseppe Recchia, Italy, 1991) (as Circe aged 41)

Errore fatale (Filippo De Luigi, Italy, 1991) (as Maria aged 41)

# Per sempre (Walter Hugo Khouri, Italy, 1991) (featuring Corinne Cléry as Julia aged 41)

with Eva Grimaldi, Vera Fischer, Ben Gazzara, Gioia Scola, Janet Agren, Cecil Thiré, John Herbert, Carlos Koppa, Renato Master and Pedro Paulo Hatheyer

Corinne Cléry from Per sempre

A soft-focus adulterous love scene, from another in a long line of such semi-autobiogrpahical fantasies by Brazilian director Khouri. The woman watching is the guy's daughter, and there is a rather scandalous sequel to this; see under Eva Grimaldi.


Corinne Cléry in Per sempre Corinne Cléry in Per sempre Corinne Cléry in Per sempre Corinne Cléry in Per sempre

L'avvoltoio può attendere (Gian Pietro Calasso, Italy, 1991) (as Alexandra aged 41)

White Cobra Express (Jeff Kwitny, USA, 1991) (aged 41)

Les mouettes (Jean Chapot, France, 1991) (as Leone aged 41)

Non chiamarmi Omar (Sergio Staino, Italy, 1992) (as Luisa Tavoni aged 42)

L'ispettore anticrimine (Italy, 1992) (aged 42)

Moscacieca (Mario Caiano, Italy, 1993) (as Anna aged 43)

Gottschalk Late Night S00E00: Episode dated 29 October 1993 (1993) (as Herself aged 43)

Donna di cuori (Italy, 1994) (as Vania aged 44)

Bambola di carne (Andrea Bianchi, Italy, 1995) (aged 45)

The King of Paris (Dominique Maillet, UK, 1995) (as Betty Favart aged 45)

A Dio piacendo (Filippo Altadonna, Italy, 1995) (as Valeria aged 45)

The Colony (Rob Hedden, USA, 1995) (aged 45)

La signora della città (Beppe Cino, Italy, 1996) (aged 46)

I ragazzi del muretto S03E06: Quale amore (Gianfrancesco Lazotti, 1996) (as Madre di Simone aged 46)

I ragazzi del muretto S03E05: Dirsi addio (Gianfrancesco Lazotti, 1996) (as Madre di Simone aged 46)

I ragazzi del muretto S03E08: Ostacoli d'amore (Gianluigi Calderone, 1996) (as Madre di Simone aged 46)

I misteri di Cascina Vianello S01E01: Un matrimonio e un funerale (1997) (as Elena Forleo aged 47)

Inquietudine (Gianni Siragusa, Italy, 1997) (aged 47)

La forza dell'amore (Italy, 1998) (as Sandra aged 48)

Tre addii (Mario Caiano, Italy, 1999) (aged 49)

La vita in briciole (Mario Caiano, Italy, 1999) (aged 49)

Stella di Mare - Hilfe, wir erben ein Schiff! (Xaver Schwarzenberger, Germany, 1999) (as Mariangela aged 49)

L'ispettore Giusti S01E03: Per soldi o per amore (1999) (as Stella Mattioli aged 49)

Alex l'ariete (Damiano Damiani, Italy, 2000) (as Ernestina aged 50)

Prigionieri di un incubo (Franco Salvia, Italy, 2001) (aged 51)

Stracult 2 S01E04: Episode #1.4 (2001) (as Herself aged 51)

Non ho l'età 2 (Giulio Base, Italy, 2002) (aged 52)

Don Matteo S03E05: Il passato ritorna (Enrico Oldoini, 2002) (as Marie aged 52)

The Devil Thumbs a Ride (David Gregory, USA, 2002) (as Herself aged 52)

Il diario di Matilde Manzoni (Lino Capolicchio, Italy, 2002) (aged 52)

Incantesimo 9 (Italy, 2007) (as Viola Dessì aged 57)

Il peso dell'aria (Stefano Calvagna, Italy, 2007) (as Anna aged 57)

Ti stramo: Ho voglia di un'ultima notte da manuale prima di tre baci sopra il cielo (Italy, 2008) (as Nonna aged 58)

Incantesimo 10 (Italy, 2008) (as Viola Dessi aged 58)

Paura: Lucio Fulci Remembered - Volume 1 (USA, 2008) (aged 58)

Effetto sabato S02E18: Telethon for Abruzzo Earthquake (2009) (as Herself aged 59)

Il ritmo della vita (Rossella Izzo, Italy, 2010) (as Corinne aged 60)

The Outsider - Il Cinema Di Antonio Margheriti (Edoardo Margheriti, Italy, 2013) (as Herself aged 63)

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