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Antoñita Linares

A review and pictures of actress Antoñita Linares naked in "El monosabio".
Antoñita Linares

Born: 1941   Country: Spain

A pioneering Spanish rejoneador, or mounted bullfighter, she made only one appearance on the cinema screen, but made sure it was one to remember.


# El monosabio (Ray Rivas, Spain, 1978) (featuring Antoñita Linares as Antoñita aged 37) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Manuela Camacho, José Luis López Vázquez, Curro Fajardo, Chus Lampreave, Alberto Fernández, Manolo Fadón, Mercedes Barranco, Roberto Cruz, Chiro Bermejo, Francisco Nieto, Manuel Guitián and Emilio Fornet

Antoñita Linares in El monosabio

Comedy starring José Luis López Vázquez as a hopeless bullring assistant who somehow arranges to make an appearance (albeit on the bottom of the bill) as a fully-fledged matador in a remote and dusty Spanish town.

One hazard he hadn't bargained for was Antoñita. At first she appears to be just one of those ladies with an over-large personality one is apt to fall into animated conversation with at a streetside café, especially when said lady considers one has done something wrong. In reality she is a horseback matador who cuts a magnificent figure slaying bulls left right and centre at the town's corrida.

If our man had known about all that beforehand perhaps he'd have thought twice about accepting Antoñita's invitation to her room. The formidable lady gleefully ropes him into helping squeeze her into her costume (the traditional trousers are notoriously tight) despite his helpless pleas that he's a married man. He makes the best of things though.

Tags: big-knickers, domestic, dressed, horseplay, petting, seductress


El monosabio El monosabio El monosabio El monosabio El monosabio

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