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Diana Conca

A review and pictures of actress Diana Conca naked in "Secta siniestra".
Diana Conca

Country: Spain

Cheery Spanish actress, being a little plump she made an unlikely starlet.


Sexo sangriento (Manuel Esteba, Spain, 1981) (as Laura)

Las alumnas de madame Olga (José Ramón Larraz, Spain, 1981) (as Alumna)

La desnuda chica del relax (Ignacio F. Iquino, Spain, 1981)

Esas chicas tan pu (Ignacio F. Iquino, Spain, 1982) (as Débora)

Entre paréntesis (Spain, 1982) (as Actriz de Disputa Matrimonial)

# Secta siniestra (Ignacio F. Iquino, Spain, 1982) (featuring Diana Conca as Elizabeth) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Concha Valero, Emma Quer, Carlos Martos, Juan Zanni, Henry Ragoud, Sylvia Alain, Óscar Daniel, Asunción Vitoria, Miguel R. Giner, Montserrat Miralles, Antonio Chamorro and Teresa Manresa

Diana Conca in Secta siniestra

Spanish hack director Ignacio Iquino could always be relied upon to be entertaining in his soft porn flicks (eg. Can You Handle Five Girls at Once?, La máscara, Las que empiezan a los quince años), but in this gothic horror he excels himself with a demented masterpiece in the classic 'eighties style.

Diana has gone barking mad before the film has even started and jealously gouges her husband's eyes out in the opening scene. And she's one of the good guys! But with her safely banged up in a mental hospital her blinded ex-husband is able to start afresh with attractive and down-to-earth Emma Quer.

But what's this, Diana escaped from the loony bin?! Heading straight home she soothes her helpless husband after he is attacked by bats, allowing him to stroke her naked breast and feel her scars. Meanwhile Concha Valero has breezed (or rather stormed) gothically into the house one dark night claiming to be a trained nurse. 'The bollox is that woman a nurse', muses wife Emma, but needs must when the Devil drives. Literally in this poor woman's case as she has been impregnated with the sperm of Satan (terrible mix-up at the fertility clinic).

Concha, looking and acting like Servalan from Blake's 7's delinquent little sister, rampages through the household committing all the abominations you could expect of her, and then some. But Diana is the first to come close to putting her on the back foot when she reverts to type and goes for Emma's eyes with the knitting needles. The monstrous midwife is on to her before you can say what-the-blazes-do-you-think-you're-doing-give-those-to-me and has chased her upstairs, presumably considering that puts an end to the matter.

What actually goes on to happen with Diana upstairs I'm not entirely sure, but I've heard tales of Hollywood actresses stripping naked and plastering their bodies with clippings of their best reviews before hanging themselves, and this may be an example. Whatever, she certainly startled that small boy, and even startled the ghastly Concha for a moment. A strange wind blows through the room and the papers flutter from the hanging corpse leaving her nearly naked. Enough to give anyone the creeps. But never mind, Concha is soon back in her stride, reaching for the nearest axe, and wondering where's-that-nasty-little-boy?

Tags: bodypaint, corpse, degradation, hanging, scarred, self-harm, tubby


Secta siniestra Secta siniestra Secta siniestra Secta siniestra Secta siniestra

Victòria! La gran aventura d'un poble (Antoni Ribas, Spain, 1983)

Victòria! 2: La disbauxa del 17 (Antoni Ribas, Spain, 1983)

Las pícaras S01E03: La viuda valenciana (Francisco Regueiro, Spain, 1983) (as Lisarda)

No me toques el pito que me irrito (Ricard Reguant, Spain, 1983) (as Diana)

El E.T.E. y el Oto (Manuel Esteba, Spain, 1983)

Una rosa al viento (Miguel Iglesias, Spain, 1984) (as Periodista 2)

Victòria! 3: El seny i la rauxa (Antoni Ribas, Spain, 1984)

Oliana Molls i l'astàlec de bronze S02E11: Ben dit i mal entès (Joan Guitart, 1985) (as Lindabelle)

Oliana Molls i l'astàlec de bronze S02E10: El cas de les hamburgueses (Joan Guitart, 1985) (as Lindabelle)

El amante bilingüe (Vicente Aranda, Spain, 1993)

Derangement Transtorno Mental (Vick Campbell, Spain, 2016)

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