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Shirley Santos

Reviews and pictures of actress Shirley Santos naked in "Mulher Tentação" and "Procuro Uma Cama".
Shirley Santos

Country: Brazil

A relatively plain but still quite shapely minor pornochanchada player, her careful staccato deportment seems to have been learnt in a 'forties charm school (ie. a decade before charm schools really got their act together).

Shirley's stills gallery

Shirley in Mulher Tentação
Mulher Tentação (1982)
Shirley in Mulher Tentação
Mulher Tentação (1982)
Shirley in Procuro Uma Cama
Procuro Uma Cama (1982)
Shirley in Caçadas Eróticas
Caçadas Eróticas (1984)
Shirley in Caçadas Eróticas
Caçadas Eróticas (1984)


# Procuro Uma Cama (Deni Cavalcanti, Brazil, 1982) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Lêda Amaral, Acácia Andréa, Cléo Bisatto, Walter Casagrande, Maria Luíza Castelli, Marcelo Coutinho, Tânia Gomide, Sérgio Hingst, Lia Hollywood, Kátia Marrie, Marthus Mathias and Eugênio Novell

Shirley Santos in Procuro Uma Cama

Soapish pornochanchada from Deni Cavalcanti, the genius behind O Vale dos Amantes. For those of you wondering why I'm so sure he's a genius despite not the slightest evidence of it being displayed in that production, well that's precisely the point; he must have been somehow gifted in the highest degree to survive in a competitive business for several years despite not showing a hint of directorial talent. Nevertheless his films share with our Shirley a certain naïve charm.

Shirley opens the film galloping across the pampas towards her favourite waterfall. Fans of Valley of Lovers will know precisely what is going to happen next; non-fans will be left in little doubt from studying the screencaps. These antics are all very well, but only up to the point where the girl's father catches her at them. And when her father is a man of the calibre of Sérgio Hingst - well the atmosphere at the next family meal is going to be a little frosty to the say the least. Will Shirley get kicked out of the house we wonder?

Sure enough, Shirley is kicked out of the house. She has to make her own way in the notorious party town of Rio. The first thing she needs to do is find a room. Which, after an astonishing series of misadventures involving a hippie love camp and the inside of a prison cell, she duly does. It's a house full of other misfits, place of honour at the breakfast table being occupied by a pigtailed thirty-year-old in a school uniform who has to have her toast buttered for her.

We catch up with Shirley again one evening as she pours herself a drink (only water mind you) and chats with a young chap very much in the Robin Askwith mould. 'No thank you' she says more than once, a line that a prim girl learns quickly in the big city. Not that it does her any good. Soon she's giving the guy a 'boob massage' in a place I'm too delicate to mention directly but is the one clearly most in need of it. This scene may be short, beefed up with an anonymous nightclub striptease, but is rather explicit.

Tags: father, full-frontal, outdoor, petting, skinny-dip, voyeur, waterfall

Clip 1

Procuro Uma Cama Procuro Uma Cama Procuro Uma Cama Procuro Uma Cama Procuro Uma Cama

Clip 2

Procuro Uma Cama Procuro Uma Cama Procuro Uma Cama Procuro Uma Cama Procuro Uma Cama

Tchau Amor (Jean Garret, Brazil, 1982)

Amado Batista em Sol Vermelho (Antonio Meliande, Brazil, 1982)

# Mulher Tentação (Ody Fraga, Brazil, 1982) (featuring Shirley Santos as Lover) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Sandra Graffi, Danielle Ferrite, Priscila Alves, Luiz Carlos Braga, Renée Casemart, Gunther Grillo, Waldemar Laurentis, Evelize Oliver and Márcio Prado

Shirley Santos in Mulher Tentação

Shirley features as a charmingly homely little tart in a delirious scene from this classic Brazilian comedy by maestro Ody Fraga. Luiz Carlos Braga is the married man and obsessive voyeur who needs the girl to test out a few ideas he's been mulling over.

Shirley strips naked in businesslike fashion, but before they can go any further our polymorphous-pervert hero nips to the shops for a couple of things he'll be needing. I wonder how long he spent choosing them? They may look like the first things he grabbed off the shelves, but with this personality type I reckon it could have been as much as half an hour.

Tags: full-frontal, mirror, petting, prostitute, undressing


Mulher Tentação Mulher Tentação Mulher Tentação Mulher Tentação Mulher Tentação

Caçadas Eróticas (Brazil, 1984) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ (as Marcela)

Clube do Sexo (Rubem Rey, Brazil, 1984)

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