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Teresa Madruga

A review and pictures of actress Teresa Madruga naked in "Dans la ville blanche".
Teresa Madruga

Born: 1953   Country: Portugal

A slim actress with typical Mediterranean features. She has been very active in a wide range of film and television work.

Teresa Madruga (born 18 March 1953) is a Portuguese actress. She has appeared in 71 films and television shows since 1977. She starred in the 1983 film In the White City, which was entered into the 33rd Berlin International Film Festival.  snippet from Wikipedia


Madrugada (Luís Couto, Portugal, 1977) (aged 24)

Alexandre e Rosa (Portugal, 1978) (as Rosa aged 25)

Ninguém (Portugal, 1979) (as Maria de Noronha aged 26)

1926, Noves Fora Nada (Portugal, 1980) (aged 27)

Oxalá (António-Pedro Vasconcelos, Portugal, 1981) (as Tina aged 28)

Silvestre (João César Monteiro, Portugal, 1981) (as Susana aged 28)

Francisca (Manoel de Oliveira, Portugal, 1981) (as Franzina (frail) aged 28)

Guerra de Mirandum (Fernando Matos Silva, Portugal, 1981) (as Luzia aged 28)

Visita ou Memórias e Confissões (Manoel de Oliveira, Portugal, 1982) (as Narrator aged 29)

A Estrangeira (João Mário Grilo, Portugal, 1982) (as Eva aged 29)

Aspern (Eduardo de Gregorio, Portugal, 1982) (as Olimpia aged 29)

Capitali culturali d'Europa S01E09: Lisboa Cultural (Manoel de Oliveira, Italy, 1983) (aged 30)

No Speaking (Luís Fonseca Fernandes, Portugal, 1983) (aged 30)

# Dans la ville blanche (Alain Tanner, Switzerland, 1983) (featuring Teresa Madruga as Rosa aged 30) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Bruno Ganz, Julia Vonderlinn, José Carvalho, Francisco Baião, José Wallenstein, Victor Costa, Lídia Franco, Pedro Efe, Cecília Guimarães, Joana Vicente, José de Carvalho and Paulo Branco

Teresa Madruga in Dans la ville blanche

Teresa plays a Lisbon barmaid who is seduced by an idler of a sailor played by Bruno Ganz. After a late night session polishing the glasses in the bar they head for the bedroom. "Oww! You can't come in here, I haven't got my pyjama bottoms on yet!" is what any decent girl ought to have cried out, but I don't think she did (I even checked the subtitles). Ganz goes hungrily to work.

In the second clip Teresa appears nude in a film-with-a-film. This was before the days of digital recording or even affordable VHS cameras. The only true home format was Super 8 cine film. The results have an ethereal quality. Fans of Stephen Dwoskin films will recognise the style.

Tags: filmed, full-frontal, oral, sex, undressing

Clip 1

Dans la ville blanche Dans la ville blanche Dans la ville blanche Dans la ville blanche

Clip 2

Dans la ville blanche Dans la ville blanche Dans la ville blanche Dans la ville blanche

O Lugar do Morto (António-Pedro Vasconcelos, Portugal, 1984) (as Marta aged 31)

Manoel dans l'île des merveilles (Portugal, 1984) (aged 31)

Atlântida: Do Outro Lado do Espelho (Daniel Del Negro, Portugal, 1985) (as The Woman aged 32)

Mon cas (Manoel de Oliveira, France, 1986) (aged 33)

D'après Maria (Jean-Claude Robert, France, 1987) (as Maria aged 34)

Mientras haya luz (Felipe Vega, Spain, 1987) (as Teresa aged 34)

Roten Faden für die Liebe (Vlada Majic, East Germany, 1987) (as Constança aged 34)

A Mala de Cartão (France, 1988) (aged 35)

Matar Saudades (Fernando Lopes, Portugal, 1988) (as Teresa aged 35)

Muito Tarde para Ficar Só (Luís Filipe Costa, Portugal, 1988) (as Maria aged 35)

Le triplé gagnant (France, 1989) (aged 36)

Rua Sésamo (Portugal, 1989) (aged 36)

Les dossiers secrets de l'inspecteur Lavardin S00E00: Le château du pendu (Christian de Chalonge, 1990) (as Carlota aged 37)

Céu de Papel (Portugal, 1990) (as Murdered Woman aged 37)

Um Poeta Afinado (Portugal, 1991) (aged 38)

Para Josefa (António Escudeiro, Portugal, 1991) (as Josefa de Óbidos aged 38)

O Dia do Desespero (Manoel de Oliveira, Portugal, 1992) (as Ana Plácido aged 39)

Luz negra (Xavier Bermúdez, Spain, 1992) (as Teresa aged 39)

Les amants du Tage (David Delrieux, France, 1992) (aged 39)

Adeus Princesa (Jorge Paixão da Costa, Portugal, 1992) (aged 39)

Vale Abraão (Manoel de Oliveira, France, 1993) (aged 40)

Novacek (France, 1994) (aged 41)

Bella Block (Germany, 1994) (aged 41)

Nostalgia (Francisco Manso, Portugal, 1995) (as Florbela Espanca aged 42)

Sostiene Pereira (Roberto Faenza, Italy, 1995) (as Portiera aged 42)

Ilhéu da Contenda (Leão Lopes, Portugal, 1996) (as Belinha aged 43)

Sapatos Pretos (João Canijo, Portugal, 1998) (as Ercília aged 45)

Making of 'Terra Mãe' (Portugal, 1998) (aged 45)

Terra Mãe S01E62: Episode #1.62 (1998) (aged 45)

No Caminho para a Escola (Marco Martins, Portugal, 1998) (as School Principal aged 45)

A Raia dos Medos (Portugal, 2000) (as Nun aged 47)

HermanSIC (Portugal, 2000) (aged 47)

Bastidores (Portugal, 2001) (as Teresa Almeida aged 48)

Ganhar a Vida (João Canijo, Portugal, 2001) (as Celestina aged 48)

A Jóia de África (Portugal, 2002) (as Isabel da Cunha aged 49)

Tudo Por Amor S01E86: Episode #1.86 (2002) (aged 49)

Tudo Por Amor S01E: Episode #1.111 (2002) (aged 49)

O Gotejar da Luz (Fernando Vendrell, Portugal, 2002) (as Alice aged 49)

Volpone (Frédéric Auburtin, France, 2003) (aged 50)

Le pacte du silence (Graham Guit, France, 2003) (aged 50)

Quaresma (José Álvaro Morais, Portugal, 2003) (as Julieta aged 50)

Medicina Sobre Rodas (Eduardo Andrade, Portugal, 2004) (aged 51)

E se eu fosse lá abaixo rir um bocado? (Samuel Amaral, Portugal, 2004) (as D Maria aged 51)

Kiss Me (António da Cunha Telles, Portugal, 2004) (as Esperança aged 51)

João Semana (Portugal, 2005) (as Engrácia aged 52)

O Fatalista (João Botelho, Portugal, 2005) (as Barbara s Mother aged 52)

29 Golpes (Jorge Paixão da Costa, Portugal, 2005) (as Mother aged 52)

Mouth to Mouth (Alison Murray, UK, 2005) (aged 52)

Odete (João Pedro Rodrigues, Portugal, 2005) (as Teresa aged 52)

Bocage (Portugal, 2006) (as Old Lady aged 53)

Filme da Treta (José Sacramento, Portugal, 2006) (as Nóquinhas aged 53)

Pele (Fernando Vendrell, Portugal, 2006) (as Luísa aged 53)

Floribella (I) (Portugal, 2006) (aged 53)

Quando os Lobos Uivam (Portugal, 2006) (as Odete aged 53)

Refundido (Joana Dionísio, Portugal, 2007) (as Miguel s Mother aged 54)

Gala RTP 50 Anos (Vasco Vilarinho, Portugal, 2007) (aged 54)

Vingança (Portugal, 2007) (aged 54)

O Capacete Dourado (Jorge Cramez, Portugal, 2007) (aged 54)

Casos da Vida S01E13: A Mulher do Soldado (Artur Ribeiro, 2008) (as Inês aged 55)

Azeitona (Portugal, 2008) (as Mãe de Olivia aged 55)

Ele é Ela (Portugal, 2009) (aged 56)

A Vida Privada de Salazar (Portugal, 2009) (as Old Felismina aged 56)

Sentimentos (Portugal, 2009) (as Olinda Ramos de Oliveira aged 56)

Feitiço de Amor S01E: Episode #1.262 (2009) (as Conceição Santos aged 56)

Rebelde Way S01E: Episode #1.184 (Luís Pamplona, 2009) (aged 56)

Regresso a Sizalinda (Portugal, 2010) (as Adelina aged 57)

Janela Indiscreta (Portugal, 2010) (aged 57)

Sangue do Meu Sangue (João Canijo, Portugal, 2011) (as Judite aged 58)

Efeitos Secundários (Paulo Rebelo, Portugal, 2011) (as Marta aged 58)

Je m'appelle Bernadette (Jean Sagols, France, 2011) (aged 58)

Demain? (Christine Laurent, France, 2011) (as Doña Maria Agustini aged 58)

Seis Nove (Portugal, 2012) (as Cristina aged 59)

Tabu (I) (Miguel Gomes, Portugal, 2012) (as Pilar aged 59)

Imagine (II) (Andrzej Jakimowski, Poland, 2012) (aged 59)

O Primogénito (António Figueirinhas, Portugal, 2012) (as Cândida aged 59)

Um Conto de Inverno (Alexandra Côrte-Real de Almeida, Portugal, 2013) (aged 60)

Odysseus (France, 2013) (aged 60)

Tanto Para Andar Até Dormir (Rui Esperança, Portugal, 2013) (as Cecília aged 60)

As 1001 Noites (Miguel Gomes, Portugal, 2014) (aged 61)

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