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E. Pokrovskaya-Urakcheyeva

A review and pictures of actress E. Pokrovskaya-Urakcheyeva naked in "Vidma".
E. Pokrovskaya-Urakcheyeva

Born: 1965   Country: Soviet Union

Eleonora is an obscure Slavic glamourpuss.


# Vidma (Galina Shigayeva, Soviet Union, 1990) (featuring E. Pokrovskaya-Urakcheyeva aged 25) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Galina Kovganich, Bohdan Benyuk, Lev Perfilov, Vladimir Shpudejko, Lyubov Rudneva, Mariya Kapnist, L. Goy, Oksana Grigorovich, Georgi Gavrilenko, Viktor Stepanenko and Pyotr Benyuk

E. Pokrovskaya-Urakcheyeva in Vidma

Colourful Ukrainian fantasy in which Eleonora plays a witch raised from a dry lake bed by trouble-making residents of a drought-stricken village. By convoluted means two of said troublemakers are propelled into her watery lair. There she has transformed from mermaid-style semi-decency to all-out nudity, and is moreover accompanied by half-seen naiads. That's about all the sense I could derive from the proceedings, but it's wholesomely erotic and as mentioned very colourful.

Tags: chased, full-frontal, nature-spirit, outdoor, public, witch

Clip 1

Vidma Vidma Vidma Vidma Vidma

Clip 2

Vidma Vidma Vidma Vidma Vidma

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