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Cristina Manusardi

A review and pictures of actress Cristina Manusardi naked in "La gorilla".
Cristina Manusardi

Country: Italy

A model with warm classically beautiful cover girl looks.


# La gorilla (Romolo Guerrieri, Italy, 1982) (featuring Cristina Manusardi as Florence) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Franca Stoppi, Lory Del Santo, Tullio Solenghi, Gianfranco D'Angelo, Giorgio Bracardi, Renato Cecchetto, Maria Grazia Bon, Ugo Fangareggi, Mireno Scali, Tony Morgan, Francesco Merli and Massimo Pittarello

Cristina Manusardi in La gorilla

From a typical Italian comedy wherein Lory Del Santo plays a glamorous bodyguard who may or may not end up falling in love with the meek and dull photographer hero. Cristina is one of those embarrassing neighbours who are always walking in semi-clothed when there are important visitors round, of which we see two examples in the first clip. First she turns up in a see-thru baby doll nightie when the very charming (and very hard - she's a kung fu expert remember) Lory is visiting. Frosty reception? Well we won't be seeing any soaping-each-other-in-the-bubble-bath scenes from these two for a while yet I think. And then there's an accident with a chest expander courtesy of Lory's father, a cheery but overly forward cove with a mastery of the Italian art of talking with the hands.

There's more of the same in the second clip. Cristina wants to be a glamour model, so would the meek and dull photographer hero mind helping her put together a portfolio please? He seems a little stilted and awkward at first, but what's the best way to lose inhibitions? Put some music on and dance! (Hey, we might even see pubic hair this time!) Lory walks in just at the moment her beau is rearranging his model's pose into something more modest - yes really! But that 'think of how much trouble you could possibly be in young man, then double it' look on the face of the girl (and martial arts practitioner don't forget) says she'll be having none of it.

Cristina's seemingly inexhaustible capacity for getting into jugs-out scrapes is drawn upon yet further in the third clip. It's Lory's dad to blame again this time, pulling the 'Aren't you cold in that dress here have my jumper' trick in a complex situation at the villa of an admirer of Benito Mussolini. She ends up positively having to flee the place, casting an anxious glance over her shoulder lest that minx Lory be pursuing her in a jealous rage. We're approaching the end of the film by now, the course of true love between bodyguard and photographer finally in sight of its destination. Our hero has finally 'manned up' and learnt how to treat a lady. She socks you in the jaw? Just break her body over garden furniture.

Tags: accidental, boa, chased, dancing, full-frontal, horseplay, outdoor, petting, posing, running, see-thru, undressing

Clip 1

La gorilla La gorilla La gorilla La gorilla La gorilla

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La gorilla La gorilla La gorilla La gorilla La gorilla

Clip 3

La gorilla La gorilla La gorilla La gorilla La gorilla

Navarro S03E13: Dans les cordes (Patrick Jamain, 1991) (as Andreani)

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