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Corinna Kirchhoff

A review and pictures of actress Corinna Kirchhoff naked in "Die Reise".
Corinna Kirchhoff

Born: 1958   Country: Germany

An imposingly slim and handsome German actress well suited to holding down weightier screen roles.

Oi!Mr. Skin has a page for Corinna - click here for more of her pics & clips!


# Die Reise (Markus Imhoof, Switzerland, 1986) (featuring Corinna Kirchhoff as Dagmar aged 28) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Markus Boysen, Claude-Oliver Rudolph, Alexander Mehner, Gero Preen, Will Quadflieg, Christa Berndl, Thomas Anzenhofer, Ulrike Barthruff, Angelika Bartsch, Eva Belletti, Calogero Butta and Alina De Simone

Corinna Kirchhoff in Die Reise

German psychological drama looking at the people behind the left wing terrorist outrages beginning at the end of the 'sixties. Corinna plays a ferociously handsome lass modelling herself on Gudrun Ensslin. We join her right away for a fitting for a 'baby bomb' the boys have bodged together down the scrapyard.

You might think a girl who can wear a thing like that and not even complain about chaffing against her skin was not just physically tough but perhaps sexually intimidating as well. And indeed she might be, judging by the lack of actual sex (as opposed to unappealing physical weirdness) in the film. There is one scene though, presumably coming after an honest rogering session of such vigorousness that Corinna hasn't the energy left to deal with chummy's 'arrested development' antics like belly-button fetishism. She puts up with having a candle lit in there without a word of protest. Seems almost intrigued by it in fact, the first sign yet of any kind of tolerance in her psychological makeup.

Tags: domestic, horseplay, outdoor, petting, undressing


Die Reise Die Reise Die Reise Die Reise Die Reise

Triumph der Liebe (Luc Bondy, West Germany, 1986) (aged 28)

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Für alle Fälle Stefanie: S02E24 Die neue Schwester (Richard Engel, 1996) (as Helga Hall aged 38)

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Für alle Fälle Stefanie: S08E23 Das Geheimnis meiner Mutter (Dieter Laske, 2003) (as Andrea Rössler aged 45)

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Die Kirschenkönigin (Rainer Kaufmann, Germany, 2004) (aged 46)

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Kanzleramt: S01E06 Geheimsachen (Michael Wenning, 2005) (as Judith Keller aged 47)

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SOKO Wismar: S02E09 Der Zinker (Axel Bock, 2005) (as Prof Brigitte Malchow aged 47)

Tatort: S01E592 Schattenhochzeit (Kaspar Heidelbach, Germany, 2005) (as Ingrid Wahl aged 47)

Der letzte Zeuge: S08E05 Die Richterin (Bernhard Stephan, 2006) (as Beate Wieland aged 48)

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Special Unit: S01E04 Die Botschaft (Jorgo Papavassiliou, 2007) (as Dr Brigitte Simon aged 49)

Zodiak - Der Horoskop-Mörder: S01E01 Teil 1 (Andreas Prochaska, 2007) (as Ursula Nentwig aged 49)

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Zodiak - Der Horoskop-Mörder: S01E04 Teil 4 (Andreas Prochaska, 2007) (as Ursula Nentwig aged 49)

Die Todesautomatik (Niki Stein, Germany, 2007) (aged 49)

Tatort: S01E682 Schleichendes Gift (Uwe Janson, 2007) (as Rebekka Feinlein aged 49)

Im Namen des Gesetzes: S12E05 Tödlicher Einbruch (Holger Gimpel, 2008) (as Vorsitzende Richterin aged 50)

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3 (Tom Tykwer, Germany, 2010) (as Wissenschaftlerin TV aged 52)

Wolfsfährte (Urs Egger, Germany, 2010) (as Vera Schiller aged 52)

Flemming: S02E04 Im Krieg und in der Liebe (Bernhard Stephan, 2011) (as Ellen Freiberg aged 53)

Riskante Patienten (Stefan Krohmer, Germany, 2012) (as Dorothee aged 54)

Der Tote im Watt (Maris Pfeiffer, Germany, 2013) (as Viktoria Flecker aged 55)

Die Besucher (Constanze Knoche, Germany, 2013) (as Hanna aged 55)

Töchter (Maria Speth, Germany, 2014) (as Agnes aged 56)

Der letzte Kronzeuge (Urs Egger, Germany, 2014) (as Sarahs Mutter aged 56)

Die Pilgerin: S01E01 Eine Wunde für Tilla (Philipp Kadelbach, 2014) (as Elsa aged 56)

Die Pilgerin: S01E02 Santiago de Compostela (Philipp Kadelbach, 2014) (as Elsa aged 56)

Der Schmetterlingsjäger - 37 Karteikarten zu Nabokov (Harald Bergmann, Germany, 2014) (as Marina aged 56)

Polizeiruf 110: S43E08 Hexenjagd (Angelina Maccarone, 2014) (as Dr Strasser aged 56)

The Old Fox: S42E04 Spiel, Satz, Tod (Michael Kreindl, West Germany, 2014) (as Beate Hähnel aged 56)

Tatort: S01E911 Ohnmacht (Thomas Jauch, 2014) (as Elisabeth Bertram aged 56)

Der Koch (Ralf Huettner, Germany, 2014) (as Isa Mellinger aged 56)

Dengler: S01E01 Die letzte Flucht (Lars Kraume, Germany, 2015) (as Christine Voss aged 57)

Amnesia (Barbet Schroeder, Switzerland, 2015) (as Elfriede - la mère de Jo aged 57)

Blütenträume (Paul Harather, Germany, 2015) (as Frieda aged 57)

Die Diplomatin: S01E01 Entführung in Manila (Francis Meletzky, Germany, 2016) (as Monika Hofmann aged 58)

Tatort Es lebe der Tod (Sebastian Marka, 2016) (as Verhaltensspezialistin aged 58)

Jetzt ist die Sonne weg (Tobias Lenel, Germany, 2016) (as Frau des Produzenten aged 58)

Viel zu nah (Petra Katharina Wagner, Germany, 2017) (as Therapeutin aged 59)

Casting (Nicolas Wackerbarth, Germany, 2017) (as Luise Maderer aged 59)

TIMECODE (Petra Lottje, Germany, 2017) (as Frau aged 59)

Kommissarin Heller: S01E07 Verdeckte Spuren (Andreas Senn, Germany, 2017) (as Renate Jensen aged 59)

Die Galoschen des Glücks (Friederike Jehn, Germany, 2018) (as Ottilie aged 60)

Sarah Kohr: S01E02 Mord im Alten Land (Marcus O. Rosenmüller, Germany, 2018) (as Heike Kohr aged 60)

Dead End: S01E02 Gestorben wird immer (Christopher Schier, Germany, 2019) (as Dr Eva Diestelfink aged 61)

Dead End: S01E03 C'est la vie (Christopher Schier, 2019) (as Dr Eva Diestelfink aged 61)

Dead End: S01E04 Schicksal und Stärke (Christopher Schier, 2019) (as Dr Eva Diestelfink aged 61)

Sarah Kohr: S01E03 Das verschwundene Mädchen (Christian Theede, Germany, 2019) (as Heike Kohr aged 61)

Exil (Visar Morina, Germany, 2020) (as Schwiegermutter aged 62)

Oi!Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Corinna - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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