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Renata Husarek

A review and pictures of actress Renata Husarek naked in "Diabelskie szczescie".
Renata Husarek

Born: 1958   Country: Poland

Occasional Polish actress with a warm on-screen presence.


# Diabelskie szczescie (Franciszek Trzeciak, Poland, 1985) (featuring Renata Husarek as Irena Kownacka aged 27) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Tatiana Sosna-Sarno, Wlodzimierz Adamski, Barbara Bargielowska, Piotr Barszczak, Aleksander Benczak, Wladyslaw Dewoyno, Ewa Florczak, Wirgiliusz Gryn, Henryk Hunko, Aleksandra Iwanowska, Zofia Jamry and Andrzej Jedrzejewski

Renata Husarek in Diabelskie szczescie

Faustian black comedy about a paunchy Polish wage slave enjoying the luck of the Devil after his wife (Tatiana Sosna-Sarno) is crippled in a holiday car crash (he was driving by the way).

Visiting in intensive care the anxious husband meets Renata, not just warm-hearted, shapely, beautiful and a doctor too, but a wearer of Deirdre Barlow specs on top. This impossibly wonderful woman even helps out keeping things organised at home during this stressful time for the family. And cheerfully has it off naked on the sitting room floor despite there being bothersome young offspring in the house. When it's time to move to the bedroom she positively dives in there. Though come to think of it, I don't really approve of carryings-on like this, especially when the poor man's wife is in hospital.

In fact I've changed my mind and don't like this scarlet woman at all. Note how when she's feeling herself up in front of the mirror and the doorbell rings she doesn't start guiltily, just calmly closes her robe and answers it as if she hadn't even been doing anything wrong.

Tags: bashful, mirror, padding, sex


Diabelskie szczescie Diabelskie szczescie Diabelskie szczescie Diabelskie szczescie Diabelskie szczescie

Nad Niemnem (Zbigniew Kuzminski, Poland, 1987) (as Jadwiga Domontówna aged 29)

Powrót do Polski (Pawel Pitera, Poland, 1988) (aged 30)

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