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Sonia Garcia

A review and pictures of actress Sonia Garcia naked in "Caçadas Eróticas".
Sonia Garcia

Born: 1952   Country: Brazil

Not the obvious pornochanchada starlet, Sonia was very much the girl-next-door type. Rosy cheeked, a little plump, broad in the beam and not very full in the chest, sometimes good-natured, sometimes spiteful, we've all known lots of girl like this one.


Os Desclassificados (Clery Cunha, Brazil, 1972) (aged 20)

Obsessão Maldita (Flávio Ribeiro Nogueira, Brazil, 1973) (as Monica aged 21)

As Cangaceiras Eróticas (Roberto Mauro, Brazil, 1974) (aged 22)

Amadas e Violentadas (Jean Garret, Brazil, 1975) (aged 23)

Bonecas Diabólicas (Flávio Ribeiro Nogueira, Brazil, 1975) (aged 23)

A Ilha do Desejo (Jean Garret, Brazil, 1975) (aged 23)

A Praia do Pecado (Roberto Mauro, Brazil, 1978) (as Lúcia aged 26)

O Artesão de Mulheres (Antonio Bonacin Thome, Brazil, 1978) (aged 26)

Eu Compro Essa Virgem (Roberto Mauro, Brazil, 1979) (aged 27)

O Porão das Condenadas (Francisco Cavalcanti, Brazil, 1979) (aged 27)

Corpo Devasso (Alfredo Sternheim, Brazil, 1980) (aged 28)

Motel, Refúgio do Amor (Alexandre Sandrini, Brazil, 1980) (aged 28)

Violência na Carne (Alfredo Sternheim, Brazil, 1981) (as Ana aged 29)

Casais Proibidos (Ubiratan Gonçalves, Brazil, 1981) (aged 29)

Aqui, Tarados! (Brazil, 1981) (as Lídia aged 29)

A Freira e a Tortura (Ozualdo Ribeiro Candeias, Brazil, 1983) (aged 31)

Meu Homem, Meu Amante (Jean Garret, Brazil, 1984) (aged 32)

# Caçadas Eróticas (David Cardoso, Brazil, 1984) (featuring Sonia Garcia as Juliana aged 32) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Matilde Mastrangi, Nelcy Martins, Shirley Santos, David Cardoso, Francimere Lopes, Dayse Duraes, Wilma Vitti, Elizabeth de Luiz, Fábio Vilalonga, Márcio Nogueira, José Lucas and André Loureiro

Sonia Garcia in Caçadas Eróticas

From the uncompromising rudeness with which Sonia answers the telephone at the start of this comic short story she can only have been talking to one person: a parent. It's difficult to work out the relationships between characters when you don't know the language so I'll just make something up and stick with it: teenage Sonia (she can pass, though she's supposed to be over thirty!) has a father who, after being widowed for two years, has made an effort to get back into the dating game. Sexually a little naïve he has picked his latest 'pull' from the contacts section of a pornographic magazine.

Meanwhile Sonia has brought home a date of her own, a handsome young fellow indeed for such a plain young woman. Quickly discarding her shyness she is soon bonking away like the proverbial steam engine, working up a very realistic sheen of sweat across her breasts and belly.

Alas in walks Father with his elegantly-outfitted though suspiciously over-made-up 'bird'! After administering the sort of time-honoured bollocking the situation demands (no doubt wishing the 'lady' would stop giggling if only for a moment), Daddy and loverboy tactfully withdraw to facilitate a candid girl to 'girl' chat. Now this is where I'm afraid it starts to get pervy...

Tags: father, phone, sex, undressing, voyeur


Caçadas Eróticas Caçadas Eróticas Caçadas Eróticas Caçadas Eróticas Caçadas Eróticas Caçadas Eróticas Caçadas Eróticas Caçadas Eróticas

As Tranças de Maria (Pedro Carlos Rovai, Brazil, 2003) (aged 51)

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