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Raquel María Alvarez

A review and pictures of actress Raquel María Alvarez naked in "La guerra del cerdo".
Raquel María Alvarez

Country: Argentina

South American brunette who played the more hard-faced type of comic characters.


El milagro de Ceferino Namuncur (Máximo Berrondo, Argentina, 1971)

Mi hijo Ceferino Namuncur (Jorge Mobaied, Argentina, 1972)

# La guerra del cerdo (Leopoldo Torre Nilsson, Argentina, 1975) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with José Slavin, Marta González, Víctor Laplace, Osvaldo Terranova, Miguel Ligero, Edgardo Suárez, Emilio Alfaro, Luis Politti, Zelmar Gueñol, María José Demare, Héctor Tealdi and Adriana Parets

Raquel María Alvarez in La guerra del cerdo

From a sleazily voyeuristic Argentinian examination of urban alienation. The ageing protagonist is looking a little out of place watching a netball match, having to elbow his way past schoolgirls to get to the front. But when Raquel makes a key pass put home by his unrequited love Marta González it makes it all worthwhile.

He still doesn't have the very best seat in the house mind you. That would be with us up in the ceiling fixtures of the shower room afterwards. The camera gives a tasteful pan round to Raquel from this bird's eye viewpoint, very informative if you've always wondered what goes on behind the scenes in a typical ladies' sporting establishment.

There's more spying on Raquel later on. Judging by the only mildly contemptuous glance she gives the peeper I reckon money had changed hands to set this up. Doesn't make it right though. Anything that involves climbing a ladder after midnight is not going to be cool with the neighbours I tend to find.

Tags: group, shower, undressing, voyeur, washing


La guerra del cerdo La guerra del cerdo La guerra del cerdo La guerra del cerdo La guerra del cerdo

Vivir con alegría (Palito Ortega, Argentina, 1979)

Custodio de señoras (Hugo Sofovich, Argentina, 1979) (as Aurora (maid))

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