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Ítala Nandi

A review and pictures of actress Ítala Nandi naked in "Amor e Traição".
Ítala Nandi

Born: 1942   Country: Brazil

An elegant, handsome and willowy brunette, she cornered the market in frustrated housewives.


Melodia Fatal (Walter Avancini, Brazil, 1964) (as Clarice aged 22)

O Bandido da Luz Vermelha (Rogério Sganzerla, Brazil, 1968) (aged 26)

América do Sexo (Flávio Moreira da Costa, Brazil, 1969) (aged 27)

Pindorama (Arnaldo Jabor, Brazil, 1970) (as Sofia aged 28)

Juliana do Amor Perdido (Sérgio Ricardo, Brazil, 1970) (aged 28)

Roleta Russa (Bráulio Pedroso, Brazil, 1972) (aged 30)

Os homens Que Eu Tive (Tereza Trautman, Brazil, 1973) (as Bia aged 31)

Sagarana, o Duelo (Paulo Thiago, Brazil, 1974) (as Mariana aged 32)

Os deuses E Os Mortos (Ruy Guerra, Brazil, 1974) (as Sereno aged 32)

A Cartomante (Marcos Farias, Brazil, 1974) (as Rita aged 32)

Pecado na Sacristia (Miguel Borges, Brazil, 1975) (as Donha Elza aged 33)

Noite Sem Homem (Renato Neumann, Brazil, 1976) (aged 34)

Barra Pesada (Reginaldo Faria, Brazil, 1977) (as Mãe de Queró aged 35)

O Cortiço (Francisco Ramalho Jr., Brazil, 1978) (aged 36)

Muito Prazer (David Neves, Brazil, 1979) (as Nádia aged 37)

# Amor e Traição (Pedro Camargo, Brazil, 1979) (featuring Ítala Nandi as Dona Judith aged 37) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Claudia Ohana, Nelson Xavier, Joffre Soares, Geraldo Azevedo, Maria Sílvia, Gilson Barbosa, Aguinaldo Batista, João Batista, Paulo Camelo, Nádia Carvalho, Iracema de Almeida and Adhemar de Oliveira

Ítala Nandi in Amor e Traição

Ítala volunteers as a prison visitor in this steamy Brazilian melodrama. It was either that or do nothing all day but accompany her ageing buffoon of a husband on his pathetic duck hunting expeditions. Behind bars she meets young José, who by the evidence of this clip is simply too good for this world. He's on remand by the way for burying an axe in the back of his young bride Claudia Ohana's head (she nagged, and was unfaithful anyway).

It's a fine day today and the pair have wangled a trip to the marshes. Finding a sandy place to sit down by the water, and the bland opening conversational gambit out of the way, Ítala asks the lad to take off his shirt. Artlessly thinking it might just be a nervous lady's tactful way of checking he had no sharp wood-cutting implements about his person he reluctantly obliges. Next of course it's Ítala's turn to start unbuttoning. And then the riding boots have to come off. Followed by everything else, slowly, enticingly, and in striptease order.

Soon Ítala is naked in the clear water, begging to be extricated from the grip of a lethal quagmire, and José is beginning to have suspicions. But as mentioned he's too good for this world and selflessly sallies a rescue. By which time of course it's too late. Meanwhile the blam! blam! of the lady's husband's shot gun is making me nervous. A hint of things to come perhaps? I'm reminded of the carefree young poppet Claudia hanging up the great big axe over her own front door...

Tags: full-frontal, outdoor, seductress, sex, skinny-dip, undressing


Amor e Traição Amor e Traição Amor e Traição Amor e Traição Amor e Traição

In Vino Veritas (Ítala Nandi, Brazil, 1982) (as Narrator aged 40)

Luz del Fuego (David Neves, Brazil, 1982) (as Gaspar s wife aged 40)

O Homem do Pau-Brasil (Joaquim Pedro de Andrade, Brazil, 1982) (as Oswald de Andrade aged 40)

Guerra Conjugal (Joaquim Pedro de Andrade, Brazil, 1983) (as Olga aged 41)

O Rei da Vela (José Celso Martinez Corrêa, Brazil, 1983) (as Heloisa de Lesbos aged 41)

Direito de Amar (Jayme Monjardim, Brazil, 1987) (as Bárbara aged 45)

Que Rei Sou Eu? (Jorge Fernando, Brazil, 1989) (as Loulou Lion aged 47)

Índia - O Caminho dos Deuses (Ítala Nandi, Brazil, 1991) (aged 49)

74.5 Uma Onda no Ar (Lucas Bueno, Brazil, 1994) (as Iolanda aged 52)

O Ritual dos Sádicos (José Mojica Marins, Brazil, 1999) (aged 57)

A Casa das Sete Mulheres (Teresa Lampréia, Brazil, 2003) (as Francisca aged 61)

Glauber o Filme, Labirinto do Brasil (Silvio Tendler, Brazil, 2003) (as Herself aged 61)

Quem Vai Ficar com Mário? (Jorge Fernando, Brazil, 2004) (as Ana Salgado Mota aged 62)

Manual Prático da Melhor Idade (Adolfo Rosenthal, Brazil, 2014) (as Zuleica aged 72)

Nova Amsterdam (Brazil, 2016) (as Bernarda aged 74)

Prata Palomares (André Faria, Brazil, 2016) (as Saint aged 74)

Pitanga (Beto Brant, Brazil, 2017) (as Herself aged 75)

Possessões (Tiago Santiago, Brazil, 2018) (as Rosana aged 76)

Domingo (Fellipe Barbosa, Brazil, 2018) (as Laura aged 76)

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