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Ewa Lejczak

A review and pictures of actress Ewa Lejczak naked in "Snic we snie".
Ewa Lejczak

Born: 1948   Country: Poland

Appealing Polish actress of stage and sometimes screen.


Stawka wieksza niz zycie S01E13: Bez instrukcji (Andrzej Konic, 1968) (as Gerda Tinsler aged 20)

Zawilosci uczuc (Leon Jeannot, Poland, 1976) (as Bozena Suchanek aged 28)

Zanim nadejdzie dzien (Ryszard Rydzewski, Poland, 1977) (as Alina aged 29)

# Snic we snie (Janusz Nasfeter, Poland, 1979) (featuring Ewa Lejczak as Magda aged 31) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Iga Mayr, Wanda Luczycka, Mieczyslaw Voit, Jerzy Schejbal, Kazimierz Ostrowicz, Henryk Hunko, Zbigniew Lesien, Halina Buyno-Loza, Halina Nowicz-Bronska, Halina Rasiakówna, Sabina Wisniewska and Teresa Maria Wiecek

Ewa Lejczak in Snic we snie

You might remember Iga Mayr as a rather intimidating character. Something of a dragon in fact. The trick with women like this is to fake the symptoms of a serious illness; it brings out their maternal side. Such is the way of Ewa in this alternately grim and comic family drama. It might not seem fair to paint her as so manipulative, since this is actually her mother, and she really has been ill (complications of childbirth), but it all amounts to playacting anyway doesn't it?

So bed rest, motherly love (the men in this house are not much use), and traditional remedies are the prescription for Ewa. Remedies that have stood the test of time. Like home-made soup. Actually any bloke could have thought up 'remedies' just as good off the top of his head with the mitigation of yes-it's-sad-she's-terminal-but-it's-my-last-chance-to-have-a-bit-of-fun. Anything wet and warm applied across the breasts for instance (say you saw Nerys Hughes do it in The District Nurse). And that old favourite, a good soaping down in a tin tub in front of the fire.

Tags: domestic, patient, soapsuds, tin-tub, washing


Snic we snie Snic we snie Snic we snie Snic we snie Snic we snie

Test pilota Pirxa (Marek Piestrak, Poland, 1979) (aged 31)

Strachy (Poland, 1979) (aged 31)

Constans (Krzysztof Zanussi, Poland, 1980) (as Stefan s Wife aged 32)

Nic nie stoi na przeszkodzie (Hubert Drapella, Poland, 1981) (as Woman Having Her Baby aged 33)

Smierc Johna L. (Tomasz Zygadlo, Poland, 1988) (aged 40)

Mów mi Rockefeller (Waldemar Szarek, Poland, 1990) (aged 42)

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