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Anna Gornostaj

A review and pictures of actress Anna Gornostaj naked in "Porno".
Anna Gornostaj

Born: 1960   Country: Poland

Curvily petite Polish blonde with a long career in film and TV.

Anna Gornostaj (born February 23, 1960, born Warsaw, Poland) is a Polish actress. She appeared in the television series Aby do ?witu... in 1992.  snippet from Wikipedia


Soból i panna (Hubert Drapella, Poland, 1984) (aged 24)

Jestem przeciw (Andrzej Trzos-Rastawiecki, Poland, 1985) (as Jolka aged 25)

Dziewczeta z Nowolipek (Barbara Sass, Poland, 1986) (aged 26)

Zmiennicy S01E06: Prasa szczególnej troski (1986) (as Maria Mariola Grzybianka aged 26)

C.K. dezerterzy (Janusz Majewski, Hungary, 1986) (as Mitzi aged 26)

Tulipan S01E03: Episode #1.3 (Janusz Dymek, Poland, 1986) (as Marzena aged 26)

Czarodziej z Harlemu (Pawel Karpinski, Poland, 1988) (as Hot Dog Seller aged 28)

Dekalog: The Ten Commandments S01E10: Dekalog, dziesiec (Krzysztof Kieslowski, Poland, 1989) (aged 29)

W labiryncie S02E20: Na wakacjach (Pawel Karpinski, 1990) (as Aska Blazynska aged 30)

W labiryncie S02E19: Habilitacja (Pawel Karpinski, 1990) (as Aska Blazynska aged 30)

W labiryncie S02E21: Bójka (Pawel Karpinski, 1990) (as Aska Blazynska aged 30)

# Porno (Marek Koterski, Poland, 1990) (featuring Anna Gornostaj as Marta aged 30) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Katarzyna Figura, Maria Probosz, Malgorzata Chojnacka, Iwona Katarzyna Pawlak, Agnieszka Wojcik, Ewa Skibinska, Zbigniew Rola, Maja Barelkowska, Henryk Bista, Zbigniew Buczkowski, Iwona Choinska and Miroslawa Dubrawska

Anna Gornostaj in Porno

Comic drama about a man trying to recapture the magic of his lost first love in a series of brief and joyless sexual encounters. Naturally leading to copious appointments at the VD clinic and, on particularly bad days, investigations by the police. Why the incongruous title? Well, it seems that putting sexual gratification before love and fulfillment leads to the emptiness and alienation which is at the origin of pornography. Wise men avoid doing that sort of thing, but for those that don't, at least they can turn their 'wackier' adventures to profit by making crude comedies about them.

In the first clip Michal has been stood up. So he phones a typist. We all know a typist (as they used to be called) who fancies us don't we? She's a lovely girl, blonde, cheerful, modest (too shy to take her glasses off even), clumsy maybe and certainly a little plump, but that's all part of the charm. Not too bright though; she should have been suspicious when fixing up a date in a field. She complains later: 'When you said the location was "rustic" ... I didn't know what you meant'. But things could have turned out a lot worse. There's more of the same in the second clip, but at least the arrangements are indoors this time. In private too - at least until the moment his mother comes home.

The third clip sees the couple woken (they both sleep in the nude of course) after a night of passion. Who can it be at this time in the morning? Well - Oh no! - it's Anna's elderly maiden aunt as it happens. Note the hearty humour derived from our hero inadvertently exposing his buttocks to a frosty older woman. A man should go out of his way to engineer such situations if he wants a reputation as a bit of a 'card'.

Tags: dressing, glasses, outdoor, sex, violator

Clip 1

Porno Porno Porno Porno Porno

Clip 2

Porno Porno Porno Porno Porno

Clip 3

Porno Porno Porno Porno Porno

Po upadku. Sceny z zycia nomenklatury (Andrzej Trzos-Rastawiecki, Poland, 1990) (aged 30)

W labiryncie S02E66: Meska decyzja (Pawel Karpinski, 1991) (as Aska Blazynska aged 31)

W labiryncie S02E51: Atak (Pawel Karpinski, 1991) (as Aska Blazynska aged 31)

Obywatel swiata (Roland Rowinski, Poland, 1991) (as Magda aged 31)

Aby do switu... (Poland, 1992) (as Tamara Lady aged 32)

Czy ktos mnie kocha w tym domu (Stanislaw Jedryka, Poland, 1993) (as Jasia aged 33)

Tylko strach (Barbara Sass, Poland, 1993) (as Bartender Zosia aged 33)

Panna z mokra glowa (Kazimierz Tarnas, Poland, 1994) (aged 34)

La mondaine S01E01: La belle de Varsovie (Maurice Frydland, France, 1994) (aged 34)

Oczy niebieskie (Waldemar Szarek, Poland, 1994) (aged 34)

Daleko od siebie (Feliks Falk, Poland, 1995) (as Ewa Marcin s Secretary aged 35)

Fitness Club (Poland, 1995) (as Blond Lady from Anin aged 35)

Mlode wilki (Jaroslaw Zamojda, Poland, 1995) (aged 35)

Bar Atlantic (Poland, 1996) (aged 36)

Zloto dezerterów (Janusz Majewski, Poland, 1998) (aged 38)

Kalipso (Adek Drabinski, Poland, 2000) (as Butcher Mirabella aged 40)

To ja, zlodziej (Jacek Bromski, Poland, 2000) (aged 40)

Musisz zyc (Konrad Szolajski, Poland, 2000) (as Nurse aged 40)

Na dobre i na zle S01E28: Spozniona skrucha (2000) (as Nowicka aged 40)

Wiezy krwi (Poland, 2001) (aged 41)

Dzien swira (Marek Koterski, Poland, 2002) (as Klientka w kiosku aged 42)

Miodowe lata S01E: Zjazd absolwentów (Maciej Wojtyszko, 2002) (as Ela aged 42)

Dlugi weekend (Robert Glinski, Poland, 2004) (aged 44)

Psie serce S02E03: Fidel (Janusz Dymek, 2004) (as Lucyna aged 44)

Cudownie ocalony (Janusz Zaorski, Poland, 2004) (as Dendys Wife aged 44)

Plebania S05E16: Odcinek 452 (Wojciech Solarz, 2004) (as Jadzia aged 44)

Pensjonat Pod Róza S03E25: Smak zycia: Czesc 1 (2005) (as Sylwia aged 45)

Lawstorant (Mikolaj Haremski, Poland, 2005) (aged 45)

Niania S01E11: Przedstawienie musi trwac! (2005) (as Andzelika s Mother aged 45)

Pare osób, maly czas (Andrzej Baranski, Poland, 2005) (as Alina aged 45)

Na dobre i na zle S07E14: Wesele w Lesnej Górze (2005) (aged 45)

Smierc rotmistrza Pileckiego (Ryszard Bugajski, Poland, 2006) (as Attorney Alicja Pintarowa aged 46)

Hela w opalach S01E07: Rozwódka do wziecia (Magda Batorska, 2006) (as Single Again Parties Coordinator aged 46)

Wszyscy jestesmy Chrystusami (Marek Koterski, Poland, 2006) (aged 46)

Faceci do wziecia S01E51: Fortuna bila sie toczy (2007) (aged 47)

Mamuski S02E02: Odcinek 17 (2007) (as Rosinska aged 47)

Synowie (Poland, 2009) (as Redactor aged 49)

Hel (Kinga Debska, Poland, 2009) (as Marta aged 49)

Siostry S01E01: Dobra Pani (2009) (as Grzelakowa aged 49)

Prosta historia o milosci (Arkadiusz Jakubik, Poland, 2010) (as Marta s mother aged 50)

Ojciec Mateusz S07E11: Wrózby (2012) (as Hanna Pawlica aged 52)

Obywatel (Jerzy Stuhr, Poland, 2014) (aged 54)

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