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Nini Jacinto

A review and pictures of actress Nini Jacinto naked in "Talong".
Nini Jacinto

Country: Philippines

Petite starlet from the Philippines with a rare girlish charm.


That's Entertainment (Philippines, 1986) (as Herself)

Hindi magbabago (Don Escudero, Philippines, 1994) (as Lisa s Barkada)

Anabelle Huggins Story: Ruben Ablaza Tragedy - Mea Culpa (Carlo J. Caparas, Philippines, 1995)

Masamang damo (Jose 'Kaka' Balagtas, Philippines, 1996)

Kapag nasukol ang asong ulol (Humilde 'Meek' Roxas, Philippines, 1997) (as Aida)

Sa pusod ng dagat (Marilou Diaz-Abaya, Philippines, 1998) (as Maya)

Tataynic (Ben Feleo, Philippines, 1998)

Kahit pader gigibain ko! (Joey Del Rosario, Philippines, 1998) (as Susan Galang)

Berdugo (Augusto Salvador, Philippines, 1998) (as Joan)

Burlesk King (Mel Chionglo, Philippines, 1999) (as Brenda)

# Talong (Mauro Gia Samonte, Philippines, 1999) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Sofia Valdez, Leonardo Litton, Emmanuel H. Borlaza, JC Castro, Anita Linda, Beverly Salviejo, Dang Cruz, Ben Sagmit, Josie Galvez, Jojo Lapus, Arthur Cassanova and Diana Perez

Nini Jacinto in Talong

Sex comedy from the Philippines. Normally I find these depressing affairs, but Nini helps make this a minor classic, both steamy and funny.

Lonely bespectacled young Nini is an amateur artist, specialising in scenes from nature. Rather than reel off a long list of her character failings I'll just point out that her over-indulgent father has a heart condition.

One day she is painting by the lakeside when a glamorous fellow artist is carried off by her beau into the jungle. Annoyed but curious, Nini tracks them on hands and knees through the undergrowth to see what they get up to. Something to remember it seems, because she's still remembering it that night when she shuts herself in her room, peels off her dress, and starts touching herself. Soon she's starkers in front of the mirror, angry she doesn't have more curves I think.

Nini gets a boyfriend of her own, though for now she's only comfortable to meet him over the phone. Here things get complicated. It appears the lad is a farmer of talongs, and one of these phallically proportioned vegetables takes on the role of a Cinderella's slipper after a chance encounter just before midnight. So that's how it came to be in the girl's bed. Honest.

Later Nini sees her handsome prince chasing his girlfriend out of a bar and falling head first into a muddy puddle. Being the sort who likes to live a complicated life Nini helps him home, undresses the helpless sap and washes his naked body. She has an artist's eye for the human figure. Touch as well, especially for the long and slender parts. Well you saw how gracefully she painted the neck of that swan didn't you? Then she strips off and gently rapes the semi-conscious young man. I know, totally illegal, but it's okay, he's sure to think it's that other girl.

Back down on the farm the pair are soon on better terms. But you can tell the lad has never dealt with a girl with an artistic temperament before. He's happy enough for her to paint him swimming nude, he just questions her sense of priorities that's all. The impish Nini annoys him when he's spraying crops out in the fields, but that little bust-up turns out astonishingly well. The tables are turned when the artist is persuaded to pose nude herself streaking through the jungle. She finds the result a let-down, but maybe it serves her right for not keeping still enough. Never mind, she's soon back in the studio, joyfully putting the finishing touches to her own latest masterpiece...

Tags: art-model, bashful, bath, full-frontal, horseplay, hosed, jungle, masturbation, mirror, outdoor, petting, phone, posing, running, seductress, see-thru, soapsuds, undressing, violator, voyeur, washing, wet-clothes

Clip 1

Talong Talong Talong Talong Talong

Clip 2

Talong Talong Talong Talong Talong

Clip 3

Talong Talong Talong Talong Talong

Clip 4

Talong Talong Talong Talong Talong

Arayyy! (Don Escudero, Philippines, 2000)

Gigil (Mauro Gia Samonte, Philippines, 2000)

Mapagbigay (Emmanuel H. Borlaza, Philippines, 2000)

Pukyutan (Cesar S.B. Abella, Philippines, 2001) (as Adora)

Dalawang pisngi ng langit (Cesar S.B. Abella, Philippines, 2001) (as Ellen)

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