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Dirke Altevogt

Reviews and pictures of actress Dirke Altevogt naked in "Femmes" and "Madame Claude 2".
Dirke Altevogt

A handsome, fresh-faced, and notably slim Scandinavian starlet, surprisingly little seen on screen.

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# Madame Claude 2 (François Mimet, France, 1981) (featuring Dirke Altevogt as Helen) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Béatrice Philippe, Alexandra Stewart, Yanet Cuevas, Kim Harlow, Lena Karlsson, Ysabelle Lacamp, Johanna Perkins, Lise Thoresen, Bernard Fresson, France Anglade, Gérard Hérold and Jacques Ferrière

Dirke Altevogt in Madame Claude 2

Tedious guff about a French Madame and her roster of high-class call-girls. Dirke's part is worth a look solely because she's as skinny as a girl can get without looking unhealthy.

Neatly attired Dirke is delivered to the estate of a country gent of a certain age. When he finally drags himself away from his game of cards (and Dirke has had her bath) he sets up a little arrangement whereby he can spy on her brushing her hair through a two-way mirror (while pretending to fetch another bottle of vintage port). She gets carried away and goes full Katell Laennec on the mirror, leaving visible stains.

Next day, Dirke having acquitted herself well as a horsewoman during a ride in the grounds, she and the Squire retire to his study to make small-talk about their families (the young slip of a girl makes the improbable claim to have been married four years) while he cues up a bootleg video of her getting into that mirror. He rams her over the desk while they both watch. The rest of us are left to wonder why people spend their time like this. For Dirke it's plainly the money, but her chum from Samanka Béatrice Philippe is in this one as well. The sensible one remember, always a stickler for contractual obligations. I can imagine even her watching this and shaking her head.

Tags: disrobing, full-frontal, masturbation, mirror, office, sex, undressed, voyeur


Madame Claude 2 Madame Claude 2 Madame Claude 2 Madame Claude 2 Madame Claude 2

Samanka (Jacques Orth, France, 1982) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ (as Sybille)

# Femmes (Tana Kaleya, Spain, 1983) (featuring Dirke Altevogt as Chloé) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Tina Sportolaro, Helmut Berger, Alexandra Stewart, Eva Cobo and José Luis de Vilallonga

Dirke Altevogt in Femmes

Soft erotica set on a private Mediterranean island where a lot of very predictable things happen. Today for instance Dirke is being painted semi-nude by handsome older woman Alexandra Stewart, the mother of her best friend. I'm a bit suspicious about the monochrome nature of this artist's palette by the way; it reminds me of that time I left my nieces to paint the skirting boards and they got carried away.

Dirke finds herself alone when daughter Eva Cobo dashes in (all three girls on the island are needy disruptive little bitches) and the lizard-like resident male gets his chance to make a move.

Tags: art-model, disrobing, full-frontal


Femmes Femmes Femmes Femmes Femmes

Frankenstein 90 (Alain Jessua, France, 1984)

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