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Tamara Tana

A review and pictures of actress Tamara Tana naked in "Fiofaniya, risuyushchaya smert".
Tamara Tana

Born: 1964   Country: Soviet Union

A little-seen actress with a motherly beauty that the camera loved.


# Fiofaniya, risuyushchaya smert (Vladimir Alenikov, Russia, 1991) (featuring Tamara Tana as Feofania aged 27) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Tatyana Novik, Natalia Voitulevitch-Manor, Nikolay Kochegarov, Victor Repnikov, George Segal and Natalia Silantyeva

Tamara Tana in Fiofaniya, risuyushchaya smert

In this confused and unconvincing 11th Century drama Tamara plays the village wise woman, layer-out-of-corpses, healer, and all-round super-duper nice-lady. An echo of her archetype has survived to the present day in the form of the school nurse. Graze your knee in the playground and hers is the first face you want to see.

Which is to say that her brand of angelic beauty and sexual desire don't sit easily together. In fact no male whose balls have dropped can safely see her naked without terrible cognitive dissonance. Look at the wet dreams she's giving the parish priest for instance.

The village chief gets away with watching her skinny-dipping solely because he's too close to the caveman on the evolutionary scale to realise he's doing anything wrong. Even then he can't bed her without looking like he's about to cry, and afterwards does something shamefully breast-fetish related with the nearest thing he can find to chocolate mousse. That lad who walks in on them looks like a borderline case, and you wonder why he doesn't risk hanging round at least until Tamara turns over, for the bragging rights if nothing else. Explanation: no breathless boasting to his mates for him, for he cannot talk.

Interestingly it turns out Tamara married the film's director. Whether before or after, or whether he shut down the production specifically to do so, I have no idea. But it does suggest that the only way to lust after this woman and stay sane is through the sanctity of marriage.

Tags: bodypaint, disrobing, mediaeval, outdoor, petting, ritual, sex, skinny-dip, suckling, swimming, wet-clothes


Fiofaniya, risuyushchaya smert Fiofaniya, risuyushchaya smert Fiofaniya, risuyushchaya smert Fiofaniya, risuyushchaya smert Fiofaniya, risuyushchaya smert

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