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Svetlana Toma

A review and pictures of actress Svetlana Toma naked in "Bratyuzhka".
Svetlana Toma

Born: 1947   Country: Soviet Union

An elegant veteran actress from Moldavia, making her name in colourful period dramas playing vulnerable waifs and gypsy girls.

Svetlana Andreevna Toma (born Svetlana Fomicheva, March 24, 1947 in Chi?in?u, Moldova) is a Moldavan actress. She debuted at the Moldova-Film studio in 1966. She worked in Moldova and Russia.  snippet from Wikipedia


Krasnye polyany (Emil Loteanu, Soviet Union, 1967) (aged 20)

Eto mgnovenie (Emil Loteanu, Soviet Union, 1968) (as French woman aged 21)

Zhivoy trup (Vladimir Vengerov, Soviet Union, 1969) (aged 22)

Lautarii (Emil Loteanu, Soviet Union, 1972) (aged 25)

Dom dlya Serafima (Yacob Burgiu, Soviet Union, 1974) (as Sofica aged 27)

Ekho goryachey doliny (Emil Loteanu, Soviet Union, 1974) (aged 27)

Gypsy Camp Vanishes Into the Blue (Emil Loteanu, Soviet Union, 1976) (as Radda aged 29)

# Bratyuzhka (Igor Dobrolyubov, Soviet Union, 1976) (featuring Svetlana Toma as Maryka aged 29) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Anatoliy Kuznetsov, Stefan Danailov, Vladimir Basov, Nikola Todev, Milka Tuykova, Vladimir Davcev, Ivan Grigorov, Georgi Bakhchevanov, Penko Penkov, Ivan Gaydardzhiev and Nikolai Klissurov

Svetlana Toma in Bratyuzhka

Leisurely Soviet WWII 'western' about veteran soldiers, already relegated to the baggage train, suffering the further indignity of being left completely behind when a wheel falls off their wagon. Along for the ride is Svetlana, for reasons which have yet to become apparent to me. She's a timid and vulnerable sort, but this being a family film any improprieties she suffers at the hands of these grizzled old troopers is down to insensitivity rather than any outright roguishness on their part.

Take this halt by the river to shampoo the horses (yes it's a chore but it's got to be done). If a delicate young lady insists on tagging along when you go fishing (for example), sometime during the day a gentleman should always give her a chance to excuse herself without embarrassment: 'I say Miss Montague, you're interested in flower pressing aren't you? I noticed a very interesting patch of buttercups behind that thick patch of foliage over there!' You get the idea. Don't make her wait till she's desperate enough to scurry furtively away when she thinks no one is looking. And most certainly don't follow her to 'see if she's alright'.

So this is an object lesson in how not to do it and the fellow concerned gets a richly deserved lump of muck (actually I hope it was horse leavings, I believe she was downstream) in the eye. She could have blinded the man, but at least now Sveta is left to get on with her bath in peace.

Tags: bashful, outdoor, skinny-dip, soapsuds, voyeur, washing


Bratyuzhka Bratyuzhka Bratyuzhka Bratyuzhka Bratyuzhka

Sluchai na festivale (Roland Vieru, Soviet Union, 1976) (as Viorica aged 29)

Moy laskovyy i nezhnyy zver (Emil Loteanu, Soviet Union, 1978) (aged 31)

Elodet mokavshires (Otar Koberidze, Soviet Union, 1979) (aged 32)

Podozritelnyy (Mihail Badiceanu, Soviet Union, 1979) (aged 32)

Ya khochu pet (Valeriu Jereghi, Soviet Union, 1979) (aged 32)

Blagochestivaya Marta (Yan Frid, Soviet Union, 1980) (as Doña Lucía aged 33)

Lyudi v okeane (Pavel Chukhray, Soviet Union, 1980) (aged 33)

U chertova logova (Vlad Iovitse, Soviet Union, 1982) (as Aniza aged 35)

Padeniye Kondora (Sebastián Alarcón, Soviet Union, 1982) (aged 35)

Tayna zapisnoy knizhki (Vladimir Shamshurin, Soviet Union, 1982) (as Natasha aged 35)

Za sinimi nochami (Olgerd Vorontsov, Soviet Union, 1983) (as Taisiya Loznevaya aged 36)

Kto stuchitsya v dver ko mne... (Nikolai Skujbin, Soviet Union, 1983) (aged 36)

Gmadlobt Ratili (Giorgi Kalatozishvili, Soviet Union, 1983) (as Endrich Masacci aged 36)

Pavlova: A Woman for All Time (Soviet Union, 1983) (aged 36)

Kak stat znamenitym (Ion Skutelnik, Soviet Union, 1984) (aged 37)

Kapitan Fracasse (Soviet Union, 1984) (as Serafina aged 37)

Dikiy veter (Soviet Union, 1985) (as Russian Girl aged 38)

Sem krikov v okeane (Vladimir Basov, Soviet Union, 1986) (aged 39)

Luceafarul (Emil Loteanu, Soviet Union, 1987) (as Veronica Miclea aged 40)

Chemi boshebi (Leila Gordeladze, Soviet Union, 1987) (aged 40)

Istoriya odnoy bilyardnoy komandi. (Sebastián Alarcón, Soviet Union, 1988) (aged 41)

Zapadnya (Boris Konunov, Soviet Union, 1988) (aged 41)

Vdvoyom na grani vremeni (Davit Natsvlishvili, Soviet Union, 1989) (aged 42)

Bez nadezhdy nadeyus (Anatoliy Romashin, Soviet Union, 1989) (aged 42)

Dina (Fyodor Petrukhin, Soviet Union, 1990) (aged 43)

Igra v smert, ili postoronniy (Nikolai Gibu, Soviet Union, 1991) (aged 44)

Bluzhdayushchiye zvyozdy (Vsevolod Shilovskiy, Soviet Union, 1991) (aged 44)

VII Ezhegodnaya Kinopremiya Rossiyskoy Akademii kinematograficheskikh iskusstv (Russia, 1993) (aged 46)

Budem zhit (Dmitriy Tomashpolskiy, Ukraine, 1995) (aged 48)

Poklonnik (Nikolay Lebedev, Russia, 2001) (as Englishwoman aged 54)

Ledi Bomzh (Russia, 2001) (aged 54)

Vorovka 2. Schaste naprokat (Russia, 2002) (aged 55)

Bednaya Nastya (Russia, 2003) (aged 56)

Rodnye i blizkie (Evgeniy Lavrentev, Russia, 2007) (aged 60)

Fonogramma strasti (Nikolay Lebedev, Russia, 2009) (as Vita s Mother aged 62)

Davno ne videlis S01E02: Episode #1.2 (Lina Arifulina, 2011) (aged 64)

Razvod (Russia, 2012) (aged 65)

9 dney i odno utro (Vera Storozheva, Russia, 2014) (aged 67)

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