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Via Veloso

A review and pictures of actress Via Veloso naked in "Isla 2".
Via Veloso

Country: Philippines

Yet another petite Filipina starlet of the 'nineties, but with an engaging cheeky smile and an unusual range as an actress.

Oi!Mr. Skin has a page for Via - click here for more of her pics & clips!


Mula sa puso (Khryss Adalia, Philippines)

# Isla 2 (Celso Ad. Castillo, Philippines, 1996) (featuring Via Veloso as Isla) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Alma Antonio, Roldan Aquino, Ana Capri, Benjie Felipe, Tonton Gutierrez, Dick Israel, Rachel Lobangco, Prospero Luna, Willy Milan, Dawnlyn Piette, Racquel Romero and Jean Saburit

Via Veloso in Isla 2

A very nicely-made sexy Philippine island melodrama slightly marred by a plot which even by the standards of the genre takes lurid incoherence to unheard-of levels. In fact I think we're going to need a whole new concept.

Things start off on firm enough ground with Via and her sister Ana Capri gathering sea shells by the sea shore and heaping them into their short dresses with total disregard for the flagrant exposure of their sopping wet underwear. It's just how girls please their mums over there. Also, they shower a lot, just jumping in the nearest rock pool in their vests and pants when the proper facilities are not available. Before bedtime they may have time for a romantic encounter with a young stranger on the beach.

However, Via will spend most of her time being chased around by monstrously obese old men; these lumbering oafs will surely molest her if ever they manage to corner her. You can even include her own father in this grotesque tribe of would-be rapists. Granted he's not all that fat but does have a heart condition that makes running unwise, the only thing that's kept Via's virtue intact so far. We'll just let one scene stand for all: in the second clip Via is forced to strip by the police sergeant when he finds her in suspicious proximity to a dead body.

The third clip is the climax of the film. Via has been raped by her father who then drops dead next day with his head in her lap as they ride a ferris wheel together. It's to her credit as an actress that you wouldn't guess it as she skips down the beach shortly afterwards. I've never seen a girl look so carefree. This scene is tame, but endearingly so, and is a classic of its kind.

Tags: beach, full-frontal, humiliation, jungle, molested, music, outdoor, running, see-thru, sex, skinny-dip, stripped, swimming, undressing, waterfall, wet-clothes

Clip 1

Isla 2 Isla 2 Isla 2 Isla 2 Isla 2

Clip 2

Isla 2 Isla 2 Isla 2 Isla 2 Isla 2

Clip 3

Isla 2 Isla 2 Isla 2 Isla 2 Isla 2

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Oi!Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Via - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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