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Nice Marinelli

A review and pictures of actress Nice Marinelli naked in "Janete".
Nice Marinelli

Country: Brazil

Attractive Latin brunette with a naive and gawky charm.


As Ninfas Insaciáveis (John Doo, Brazil, 1981)

Casa de Pensão (Brazil, 1982)

Seu Quequé (Brazil, 1982) (as Nicinha)

Sete Dias de Agonia (Denoy de Oliveira, Brazil, 1982) not nude 

# Janete (Chico Botelho, Brazil, 1983) (featuring Nice Marinelli as Janete) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Lilian Lemmertz, Flávio Guarnieri, Luiz Armando Queiroz, Lélia Abramo, Walter Breda, Ruthinéa de Moraes, Denoy de Oliveira, Jayme del Cueto, André Klotzel, Sílvia Leblon, Antonio Leite and Cláudio Mamberti

Nice Marinelli in Janete

Brazilian romance which is sometimes better than its low budget and Young Lass in the Land of the Lorry Drivers plot ought to allow it to be.

Teenage Nice has been banged up in the reformatory and is introduced to formidable middle-aged wardress Orlanda on the bleak prison parade ground. The best way to 'get in' with this woman is to have an abortion apparently, but 'I'm not nearly as mean as you think' is something she might have said if she didn't have the personal authority not to have to. So soon she's running her fingers through Nice's hair. And stepping into the shower with the girl. And (gulp) kissing her neck. It's a surprisingly sensitive and tender lesbian scene, and probably fairly true to life. In their pillow talk, Nice tells of her dreams of running away to join the circus.

Afterwards, Nice slips out of bed naked and runs away to join the circus. Or at least she would have done if the reformatory guards weren't reasonably on their toes. In no time at all she is being dragged back into Orlanda's office. The lady is a picture of cold fury and administers an absolute thrashing with the dreaded tawse. Nice sinks to her knees choked by tears. It's a surprisingly vicious and spiteful lesbian scene, and probably fairly true to life. So this is it, this time Nice is really going to run away to join the circus.

Off Nice hitches on her way to join the circus, at the mercy of the sort of lorry driver that grows a Peter Sutcliffe beard then lets it run to seed. By some miracle she's not dumped dead in a lay-by but ends up in a dusty one-horse town, where she bumps into a sweetly gawky young thing with the melancholy dawdling gait of a girl who's been sent home from school for being over twenty-one.

'You can have a room at my parents' transport caff', she says by a tremendous stroke of luck. Actually the place looks suspiciously like a brothel to me but we've had enough unwholesomeness with the tawsings and the lorry drivers already so I'll stick with the idea of the parents' transport caff. Happy at last, Nice chases her new chum naked though the parents' transport caff in a fit of gigglish horseplay, notably failing to lower the tone of the place.

Meanwhile at the circus Nice has taken a fancy to a handsome young trapeze artist. One night in the Big Top (after everyone has gone home - they're not that impetuous) the couple make love on the safety net. It's not very explicit, but tastefully done and thematically satisfying. But I'm not happy about this film's romanticised view of running away to join the circus. Don't show it to your young nieces or you'll never see them again.

Tags: beaten, domestic, dressing, full-frontal, horseplay, lesbian, petting, prisoner, sex, shower

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Janete Janete Janete Janete Janete

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Janete Janete Janete Janete Janete

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