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Cristina Crisol

A review and pictures of actress Cristina Crisol naked in "Kulang sa dilig".
Cristina Crisol

Country: Philippines

One of a bunch of naïve young starlets used up by the tackier end of Philippine cinema through the mid 'eighties.


Cop Brutus Logan, the Crime Buster (Arsenio Bautista, Philippines, 1985)

Eden (Jett C. Espiritu, Philippines, 1985)

Jimbo (Eddie Nicart, Philippines, 1985)

Bomba Arienda (Mel Chionglo, Philippines, 1985)

Mga manikang hubad (Maria Saret, Philippines, 1985)

Mga babaeng rehas (Ron Gallardo Pablo, Philippines, 1985)

Manoy, hindi ka na makakaisa (Philippines, 1985)

Kikirut-Kirot (Arsenio Bautista, Philippines, 1985)

Uhaw na uhaw (Arsenio Bautista, Philippines, 1985)

Bodyguard: Masyong Bagwisa Jr. (Mike Relon Makiling, Philippines, 1986) (as Laurie)

Donselya (Arsenio Bautista, Philippines, 1986)

Ang galit ko'y... sumagad sa laman, tumagos sa buto (Henry Rufino, Philippines, 1986)

Unang gabi (Anthony Taylor, Philippines, 1986)

# Kulang sa dilig (Arsenio Bautista, Philippines, 1986) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Lolita Lamas, Kristal Cristobal, Zandro Zamora, Emil Estrada, Eddie del Mar Jr., Perla Bautista and Arsenio Bautista

Cristina Crisol in Kulang sa dilig

Young bride Cristina is living in humble circumstances on one of the pleasanter islands of the Philippines. We get a clue that her husband may be an unsatisfactory sort when he returns from one of his frequent trips to the big city overburdened with gifts for his pretty young wife. Yep, not only did he remember, he actually enjoys going shopping!? But I reckon she'd have been happy with just a stick of rock (to slip in a little innuendo).

Nevertheless Cristina pretends to be delighted and dashes off for a nice long shower before trying on her new outfits. In that land of over-strained ablutions facilities this means splashing herself with cold water in a re-purposed wartime bunker, all the real showers being booked up weeks in advance.

Later in bed Cristina comes over all romantic, but her man probably thinks she is after his wallet. After continuing to investigate the family finances in fruitless fashion she stomps off to the veranda to make eyes at the chap across the road. He's more like her idea of a Romeo judging by the indecorous way she then drapes herself across the furniture.

Sadly this tropical paradise of 'voyeur special' showering set-ups and miles of empty beaches where a girl can splash in only her pants without any retired schoolmistresses to shout at her, does not offer enough scope for gratuitous nudity. So enter a portly artist type who likes to paint dusky young naked beauties - in threes.

Cristina's husband dumps her on this bloke one day. They were school-chums apparently, and surely the girl wouldn't turn down the chance to make some extra housekeeping? So these two 'men' sit and carefully watch the unhappy Cristina undress. Once she is fully naked and in a preliminary pose on the couch the absurdly self-effacing husband decides that now would be the most suitable moment to take his leave. His idea of tact reminds me of the way Ken Barlow carried on with Deirdre, as if he thought it was the key to a long and happy marriage. If he could see the state Cristina got herself into the moment he walked out of the door he'd think again...

Tags: art-model, masturbation, oral, sex, shower, tearful, undressing, washing

Clip 1

Kulang sa dilig Kulang sa dilig Kulang sa dilig Kulang sa dilig Kulang sa dilig

Clip 2

Kulang sa dilig Kulang sa dilig Kulang sa dilig Kulang sa dilig Kulang sa dilig

Nude City (Romy Suzara, Philippines, 1986)

Alexandra (Elwood Perez, Philippines, 1986) (as Cecille)

Paraisong gubat (Tito Sanchez, Philippines, 1986)

Mababangis na bulaklak (Ron Gallardo Pablo, Philippines, 1986)

Di maghilom ang sugat (William Pascual, Philippines, 1986) (as Ana)

Paano maibabalik ang nakaraan? (Tata Nel, Philippines, 1987)

May butas sa dingding (Ramon Zamora, Philippines, 1988)

Deadly Roses (Lauro Santiago, Philippines, 1990)

Kumukulong dugo (Augusto Salvador, Philippines, 1991)

Jerry Marasigan WPD (Augusto Salvador, Philippines, 1992)

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