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Dany Daniel

A review and pictures of actress Dany Daniel naked in "Le sexe nu".
Dany Daniel

Country: France

Another undistinguished yet suitably handsome and shapely starlet of mid 'seventies French erotica.


# Le sexe nu (José Bénazéraf, France, 1973) (featuring Dany Daniel as La secrétaire) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Chantal Arondel, Nathalie Zeiger, Valérie Boisgel, Gilda Arancio, Alain Tissier, Loïc Porzier, Frederica Page, Jerry Brouer, José Bénazéraf, Arlène Fontaine, Patricia Hermenier and Noëlle Louvet

Dany Daniel in Le sexe nu

Dany plays a secretary in this sketch from a pretentious but nicely shot collection. French bureaucrats are notoriously bone idle and almost the equal of the Italians when it comes to doing not one scrap of work all day. For our smug git here an office is just another place to find an exploitable young woman with whom to deceive his wife. Hence this little piece of satire. At least I can't think of a better reason for it. The music provides an ironic commentary on the class struggle while Dany's final passive-aggressive remark rams the subversive message home. It's the spirit of '68 all over again.

Tags: boots, fingering, full-frontal, office, sex, undressing


Le sexe nu Le sexe nu Le sexe nu Le sexe nu Le sexe nu

Le grand bazar (Claude Zidi, France, 1973)

Y'a un os dans la moulinette (Raoul André, France, 1974)

Sexuellement vôtre (Max Pécas, France, 1974) (as Germaine Lavaux)

Q (Jean-François Davy, France, 1974) (as La copine de Rita)

La kermesse érotique (Raoul André, France, 1974) (as Riquette)

Les demoiselles à péage (Richard Balducci, France, 1975) (as Martine)

La chatte sans pudeur (Eddy Matalon, France, 1975) (as Martine)

Et si tu n'en veux pas (Jacques Besnard, France, 1976) (as Christine)

Les petits dessous des grands ensembles (Christian Chevreuse, France, 1976) (as Sophie Senac - la femme du gynécologue)

Carta de ajuste Episode dated 30 May 2004 (José María Íñigo, 2004) (as Self)

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