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Béatrice Philippe

A review and pictures of actress Béatrice Philippe naked in "Samanka".
Béatrice Philippe

Slim and sad-eyed minor oriental starlet.

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Gift Girls (France, 1980) (as Lotus)

Madame Claude 2 (François Mimet, France, 1981) (as La jeune servante à Hong Kong)

# Samanka (Jacques Orth, France, 1982) (featuring Béatrice Philippe as Christa) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Eva Lyberten, Dirke Altevogt, Chris Murphy, Vera Floux, Eva Cobo, Jacques Orth, Antonio Molino Rojo, Fernando Rubio, Fausto Costantino, Pascal Marot, Javier Bolinches and Fernando del Río

Béatrice Philippe in Samanka

Parisian models Béatrice and her chum Dirke Altevogt are whisked off to Ceylon for an emergency fashion shoot in this classic 'eighties fluff.

Having got the one-bird-shags-the-boss-while-the-other-watches-slitching-herself scene out of the way the party end up on a glorious sunny beach. Jealous and bitchy Dirke immediately throws a massive strop about the presence of Samanka (Vera Floux) whom the boss (a sort of less offensively supercilious version of David Hemmings) has dragged along purely on the basis that she's enigmatic or something.

Luckily Béatrice has that perfect blend of common sense and understated personal authority that settles an argument in a moment. Hemmings starts snapping away and soon both girls are down to flowers and g-strings, and even that minimal attire doesn't last long. It's a nice concept these two skinny birds dashing slightly self-consciously from place to place with nothing on. I can imagine a kindly older lady offering them beach towels, and them explaining no thank you, nobody has really confiscated their clothes.

Anyway Samanka, by now also dashing about with nothing on, is inflaming positively toxic levels of jealousy in our two models. And no wonder: she's even skinnier than they are. I'm sure this 'native' bird and her 'enigmatic' refusal to have her photo taken will end up causing trouble one way or another.

That night in a mellow interlude back at the hotel Béatrice seduces Dirke in a slow-moving soft-focus lesbian scene. But under inadequately secured mosquito netting. The moral presumably being: don't let this happen to you.

Sure enough the Samanka business has got our girls waylaid and flung into a dungeon with real straw on the floor and everything where they are stripped and tortured in disappointingly rather unspecific ways which leave them weeping on each others shoulders. But the tears don't last long as Hemmings is soon to the rescue, bundling the girls unfussily back home with one last line of the pithy dialogue that, after the images of skinny-birds-on-sunny-beaches, is the most striking distinction of the film.

Tags: barn, beach, full-frontal, lesbian, molested, outdoor, petting, posing, running, sex, stripped, tortured, voyeur

Clip 1

Samanka Samanka Samanka Samanka Samanka

Clip 2

Samanka Samanka Samanka Samanka Samanka

Clip 3

Samanka Samanka Samanka Samanka Samanka

Mon curé chez les Thaïlandaises (Robert Thomas, France, 1983) (as Suzie)

Oi!Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Béatrice - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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